GIG REVIEW: Baltimore Gun Club, 4ZZZ Carpark, 24/09/2016


Baltimore Gun Club

Saturday 24th September 2016

4ZZZ Carpark Hosted by 4ZZZ and Regular Band

 Do you like bands that absolutely Rock your socks off?  “Come and get some” – with Baltimore Gun Club!

 Baltimore Gun Club have recently released their second single ‘Goumar’ from their 2015 debut Album ‘Innerspace’.  Check out ‘Goumar’ here –

 On one of the first properly warm Saturdays for the season, Regular Band and 4ZZZ co-host a free all ages carpark rock show.  Included on this absolutely rocking line up are a band I came across last year after hearing their single ‘Apollo’ on the 4ZZZ hottest 100 countdown – Baltimore Gun Club.  If you haven’t heard of them yet, just pretend you have and follow the links to check them out!

 About 30-45 people either soak up the sun or wrangle for a spot in the shade as Baltimore Gun Club prepare to play.

 An energetic Rock and Roll opening garners “Yew’s” from the audience, “Hi we’re Baltimore Gun Club”…  A clean guitar riff starts before an all in heavy assault with tight accents, huge riffs, an animated performance and that voice!  Lead singer/Guitarist, Psymon’s voice is gruff, loud, full of character, completely controlled and has just a taste of the ra-ma-na’s about it.

 Next up is the 2015 single ‘Apollo’ – “This song’s called Apollo, it’s a medley of our greatest hit” – This puts the enthusiastic crowd into a good humour before Bassist/Vocalist Hyrma lifts off with a groovy bass riff.  The crowd are dancing, smiling and head banging to this heavy, grungy, and catchy as hell song.  The band seems to be enjoying themselves and it is infectious.  This song featured some great drum fills from the well-hatted, go-pro harnessed, Drummer – Christian, who also made the crowd very happy with his use of cowbell. (Check out the film clip for Apollo that was created by Bassist/Vocalist Hyrma and featured on RAGE)

 ‘Here Right Now’ features some great guitar licks and backing vocals, the bass and guitar riffs are tight and heavy with a guitar solo over a huge bass riff.  This song is hook-laden with a sing along chorus, catchy vocal rhythms and had the crowd moving around.

 After a quick tune down, drums start ‘1993’ which is all in heavy grunge goodness.  Edgy vocals and an animated performance help to fill up what is left of the crowd area with “Woo’s” from the audience after a tight end.  This, kiddies, is Rock and Roll as it should be, in my opinion – fun, well-crafted, engaging and intensely delivered.

 Another heavy as fuck riff starts ‘Hooker Blvd’ which is grungy and a little bit sludgy before moving into cleaner vocals before accents.  This song has a great groove to it.  It was lovely to see people moshing in the sunshine to this song before a tight end.

 “This song’s called ‘Persona’, it goes for, like, eight minutes, so get a drink or something” – The intro builds over a more progressive style with just a hint of Psychedelia.  The crowd stayed put and moved along to this mostly instrumental song that featured some great Wah work, bass licks, tasteful drumming and intensely delivered vocals from both Hyrma and Psymon including the lines “Driving down the desert highway; See my girl in the rear view mirror; I broke her heart, I broke her heart, I broke her heart”.

 After some humorous audience interaction, we are reliably informed that the next song is spelled ‘P-a-t-h-e-t-i-q-u-e’ – this energetic Rock and Roll song has a huge opening and licks that follow the vocal melody.  A Bass feature garners “Woo’s” from the crowd and the guitar solo takes a slightly psychedelic route that accents the light and shade of the song before a tight ending.

 The last song of the show is the recent single ‘Goumar’ which features harmonica and poppy as hell, clap-along drums that have the audience dancing.  Stand out moments included the ridiculously good drum fills, the band’s animated enthusiasm and audience interaction, the bass played with harmonica, the power of the vocals and the harmonica features.  A very audible “Yeeeeeeeaaaaah” was heard from the crowd during the guitar solo.  The crowd loved the huge Rock and Roll ending.

 To sum up, I think some overheard crowd members state the general mood of the show accurately…

“That was amazing”!  “Oh my god, those guys were sooooo good”!

Another measure for the mood of the show was the way that people rushed the Merch desk afterwards to snap up all things Baltimore Gun Club.

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