ALBUM REVIEW: Chelsea Rockwells – ‘Eleven – Vol 1’

Chelsea Rockwells are a hard-hitting band with a sound that is hard to categorize. Their music dives into various genres, including hard rock, alternative and even punk and pop. The band’s massive riffs and catchy melodies make me think of artists such as Muse or Linkin Park, but their music also has a different approach to songwriting, with great melodies bouncing to the forefront, echoing the work of bands such as Glassjaw, Armor For Sleep or Taking Back Sunday.

16998004_1846416925645809_8033002529634764135_nOpening track “Halos” is a blistering sequence of massive riffs, while “Aztec” alternates some rock and roll grit with some great haunting guitar tones.

“Stone”, as the name implies, is another heavy song with some cool overdriven guitar tones and with one of the best bass / drums arrangement on the record.

“Chasing The Sun” and “Night Time Falls” have somewhat of a Foo Fighters vibe, where the energy blends in with some of the best melodies to date. Love the great chord combinations and killer tones!

All in all, this EP is a great collection featuring 5 amazing tracks that have everything you will love if you are a fan of great contemporary rock music

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