MIAMI SHARK BAR – 19/20.08.2017

It’s been one hell of a party at Shakafest, but it ain’t over yet. No-way-Jose. We got some more shenanigans to get up to. The crowd disperse in all directions in all sorts of states of mind and body and dress. There are lost shoes and lost souls, sore legs, aching heads and grins galore. It’s been a long days journey into night with Grinspoon, Butterfingers, DZ Deathrays, Horrorshow and a whole lot more. And for the hardy still vertical, there is still a whole lot more to come.


Walking through the aftermath outside and up the ramp to the Shark Bar, I see Harrison from Tempura Nights at the stage door. I get confused for a moment and think he must be filling in with The Creases because I’ve seen Jarrod (The Creases) fill in with Tempura Nights. Then I realise that Harrison is part of the juggernaut called BRIS 182. I’ve never seen this band before though I recognise some faces. Someone told me there were about 20 members and they cover Blink 182. Well, yes they do. Reading their bio I discover there are usually 11 members with 2 or 3 bass players. One of the security guards walks by and exclaims, “How many fricken guitarists are up there”? I count 6, plus 2 bass players and one drummer. I guess he’s never seen Velociraptor, who I think have one or two here this eve (apart from DZ Deathrays earlier). There is also a Babaganouj and maybe a Beneb in the mix. I love Brisbane bands; one big Bris-fam. I somehow missed the boat with Blink 182. Think I was living under a rock up Machu Picchu or somewhere, but I recognise so many of the songs. Just ask Vices DJ Tyson. He was singing along with absolute glee through the entire set. He said to me later, ” I think I was the only one who knew all the words”. I said, “I thought I was the only one who didn’t”. Apart from All the Small Things from Enema of the State, selected by Rolling Stone as one of the 100 Greatest Pop Songs of all time. “Say it ain’t so, I will not go, turn the lights off carry me home. Na na na, na na na na”. Nuh, not yet. “The night will go on my little windmill”.

So this is where I cheat. The only set-list I happened to snaffle for the entire day and night. 19 bands. One solitary set list from THE CREASES. Looking debonaire as always, Jarrod and Joe lead the group through their blissful pop – beautifully, seamlessly. They are thrilled to release their first album, Tremolow with tracks, Answer To, Static Lines, Point, Do What You Wanna, Everybody Knows and my favourite song at the moment, Is it Love. A perfect pop song with it’s perfect la la la la’s. I love these guys. So bloody talented. I’m also mesmerised by Aimon’s irridescent bronze guitar. It’s a beauty.


There is a crop of grommies hovering side of stage, so hyped for closing act, HOCKEY DAD. They are so excited to be so close to their idols, they can’t wipe the smiles from their faces. I’m surprised security didn’t shuffle them off, but hey, the kids are alright. Let them enjoy their moment in almost the spotlight. The young duo, Zack and Billy from Windang (I had to look that up. It’s a suburb of Wollongong) are so damn tight and confident. They smash their way through their album Boronia, which I also think is a suburb of The ‘Gong. The guys are on a roll having just toured Canada with Dune Rats, and now joining iconic Grinspoon on their massive jaunt around the land. From their recent stint at Splendour in Byron to Cairns, Hobart and way out west on the other side of this wide brown land.

A punter wanders on stage. He attempts a swan-dive but slips. He lands head first at the barrier. I laugh but maybe I shouldn’t. It looked like it hurt. I see him later staggering around, shirtless. I say. “That was one of the worst stage-dives I’ve ever seen. It was hilarious”. He nods. “Yeah. I tripped”. As he and the rest of us disappear into the night. Goodnight Shakafest. And Thankyou.


Review written by Carmel E Lewis
Photos: Ashleigh Hobbs

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