INTERVIEW: With Sean Jackson of TrashQueen

TrashQueen are one of Brisbane’s most talented local rock bands around right now and have been playing the Brisbane gig circuit since 2010. These guys know how to party and know how to rock it out on stage. They are three super talented musicians with a passion for what they do, Shannon-Lee had a chat with Sean Jackson, lead singer and guitarist for TrashQueen about the band, the new album and the local Brisbane music scene.

TrashQueen formed in 2010, how did you guys first get together as a band?

Well Wayne and I are brothers and we were playing in different bands for quite some time, we had just left a band in high school and we were looking to start something a bit different to what we were doing. Nik was a mate we had known since forever and at the time he was playing saxophone actually and I just sort of told him he was taking up bass guitar because I wanted him to play bass. It all sort of started there, he picked it up as we went along and we started getting a few gigs together. Then we started to write a couple of our own tunes.

TrashQueen 2

I really love the name TrashQueen, where did the name come from?

I actually don’t know, I have a feeling we were drinking on Nik’s balcony at the time and we were just throwing words together and I think we were listening to a song or something and it came from that. We mixed up the words a bit and we liked the sound of it at the time and it just kind of stuck from there.

So when I listen to you guys I think you’re like a mix of old school rock and roll mixed with some blues, grunge and stoner rock. Who are some of the bands biggest influences?

Biggest influences are probably a lot of 70’s hard rock, Black Sabbath, Zepplin, stuff like that. A lot of 90’s grunge, Kyuss, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, bit of everything really. I am right into blues, T-Bone Walker, Muddy Waters and all that sort of stuff. It’s a bit of a brewing pot to be honest. A lot of 80’s rock in there as well, just heaps and heaps of different stuff mixed in there!

Watching you jam the other night I noticed how comfortable and connected you are as a band, I think that is really important and makes for a great band, do you agree?

Yeah definitely, like I said, Wayne and I are brothers and we grew up learning and playing music together. We have been friends with Nik for years like since we were really little kids so I think we are definitely comfortable with each other and there is a connection there and hopefully that shows in the music and in our live shows.

You have played a heap of gigs at all kinds of venues, what are some of your favourite venues to play in Brisbane?

Oh some of my favourite venues? There are so many of them! Crowbar is always fun. We played Psycho Circus for the DarkCell last year at Brightside which was heaps of fun. Also Red Deer Music and Arts Festival out at Mount Samson was fun, you could take your own couch and esky. We had a lot of fun at that! What was that place called where the Flying Cock is in the valley now? The Tempo I think it was? We played a couple of shows there that were really good. We played with Rose Tattoo there one night that was a good show. Just a whole bunch of really good gigs over the years really.

Yeah I was impressed when I was researching the band I was like wow; there are not many places these guys haven’t played!?

*laughs* yeah we have definitely made the rounds around Brisbane quite a bit.

There are so many awesome and talented bands around Brisbane and Gold Coast right now, who are some that you love?

Hobo Magic is one of favourite bands, Me, Wayne and Nik all love the music and what they are doing is fantastic. Former Angels are another awesome band, Concrete Palms, Snake Bite Whisky. There is so much talent around, we have played with so many great local bands, Darkcell again, big shout out to those guys cos they had us on the Psycho Circus thing and they are just really fantastic live band. They rip it up on stage live. And there is just too many to list really.

Yeah I know, when people ask me I am like, hang on have you got a spare 2 hours!?

*laughs* yeah there are just so many it is hard to remember all of them. We have shared the stage with a heap of fantastic musicians, so it is hard to name them all.

It is hard to get to everyone’s gigs too hey!? I am passionate about supporting local music but it is impossible to get to all the gigs all the time!

Yeah exactly, it is tough to get out to all of them but we need more people getting out and supporting local music and live shows and really enjoying live local music!

The band has previously released 3 ep’s and I believe you have been recently hanging out at Tall Poppy Studio, working on a new album?

Yeah that’s right. We just did the graveyard shift there on Saturday night, we were there from 12 to 9 the next morning and we are working on the album at the moment. We just released a new single called Stargazer, working with Dan Hathaway who is doing all the production stuff for us and that song is available on our Facebook and also on Spotify and on iTunes and all the other online streaming and downloading sites. But yeah we are currently just piecing together an album bit by bit and working on the tunes and getting them sounding good.

So what else is keeping the band busy right now? Have you got any gigs coming up that we should know about?

We have got your birthday gig coming up, which is going to be awesome! All the bands on the line up are awesome as well, so it should be a good night! And I think we have some other gigs coming up next month too, need to check the dates on those.

What does the future hold for TrashQueen?

We are hoping to get this album out and then hit the road and get around Australia a bit, get the word out there, get the music out there, our merch and stuff. Then hopefully look at going overseas and taking it abroad. But just one step at a time at the moment. We are stoked with how things are going with the recording on the new album and we can’t wait to get it out there.

My final question; what is one random thing about each band member that people wouldn’t know?

So we will start with Nik?

Uhhh well I would say that he is a saxophone player but I already mentioned that before. So we live together so you would think I would know what to say, but I guess I am trying to think of something appropriate *laughs* He can speak German I think? I don’t know how well he speaks it now but he can and he is from Germany.

Next up is Wayne?

He has a 180 degree beard; it goes around the back of his neck and then continues all the way down the rest of his body. He is a very hairy man *laughs* and his nickname is Beetle at work, he hates everybody knowing that so I will tell you that as well, which I think came from him stinking like a stink beetle.

*laughs* that is the best answer; Wayne is going to love that. Ok and now you?

Hmm, I have a fear of elevators? I used to live in a building with elevators and I got stuck in them a bunch of times and ever since then I have hated them. It was terrifying! *laughs*

TrashQueen are playing at The Back Room at Chardons Corner Hotel on Thursday the 21st of June for Shannon’s Birthday Bash along with Fox N Firkin, Deadbeat Society and Decapitated Mum. You don’t want to miss this gig; it is going to be a good time!

You can follow TrashQueen and check out their music here:

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