Interview: With Robbie Fraser of Fox N Firkin

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Fox N Firkin have a sound like nothing else in Brisbane right now. Celtic Punk Rock with a twist of other styles, these guys are a super fun and talented local band and if you haven’t seen them live yet, you’re missing out on a good time! Shannon-Lee had a chat with drummer Robbie about some upcoming gigs, the new single and what the future holds for the band.

Fox N Firkin formed back in 2012, how did the band first get together?

I was working in a music shop and Adrian came in asking how he could find a drummer for his band and if he could maybe put a notice up. I wasn’t in a band at the time so I was like what kind of band are you talking about? And he says a punk band and so I was like alright, I’ll do it! He was like really!? And I was like yeah I’ll do it! So we organized a practice and that was it, we actually kept going. It was literally that simple and that quick. Within 50 seconds of meeting each other we were like let’s just jump in and do this. Our original bass player was already in the band, and then Andrew joined the band. We had a couple of guitarists and Andrew filled in one night because we had a guitarist leave just before a gig, so we roped him in, I was like I know this guy he can play guitar really good. So he joined the band after that.

Where did the name Fox N Firkin come from?          

Adrian and Max, the original bass player, came up with that one I believe. It was named after the pub they used to drink at.

So there are big things happening for you guys right now, your new single Sail Away came out today?

Yes, it officially comes out next week but we started sharing it today and getting it out there. The clip is on Youtube. It will be out digitally next week on Spotify, iTunes and all that stuff.

You previously released two EP’s independently and your debut album ‘No Vacancy’ through Folk Till Ya Punk Records and you are now currently working on your new album?

Yeah, slowly. We have written heaps of stuff and we are writing more stuff and we’ve started recording, you know we have got this first single ready quicker than everything else. We just want to take our time and make it really good. Write as many good songs as possible and make sure it is awesome.

You’ve got a couple of gigs coming up soon. One at Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney and one at The Bearded Lady here in Brisbane to launch the new single, you guys must be pumped for that?

Yeah totally. We haven’t played Frankie’s before and we are really excited to play there. We have sick support bands at each gig so we are really excited. We’ve got The Bottlers, Medusa’s Wake and The Pits supporting us at Frankie’s. The Bottlers have looked after us for years, they were the first band that we got to play with in Sydney and we have played with them a bunch of times now and they played in Brisbane with us.

And you guys are off to Japan later in the year? That is really exciting!

Yeah, we are announcing that officially next week but I have been telling everyone already. It is very exciting! We have never been overseas so it is amazing that we are going to finally do it!

Speaking of tours, what is one of the craziest things you have ever done on tour?

Something crazy happens every time we tour! *laughs* I would say the craziest thing that ever happened was the broken hand scenario last December; I still played the shows though. But yeah there is usually some sort of injury or some sort of real dilemma with flights or something. We really should be taking a full documentary team with us I think they would be able to make a really good show out of us.

I notice in the new clip, there is some footage from some of your tours? Which is really fun to watch…

Yep. In the clip there is a lot of the footage from past tours, it was really fun for us to watch more than anything, a bit of behind the scenes sort of stuff.


You’ve toured and gigged with some awesome bands over the years, who are some you really enjoyed/enjoy playing with?

The Bottlers have been great. Obviously a lot of the bands that you see on the line ups with us often, there is a reason for that. We love playing with them. Bands like The Dead Maggies, Operation Ibis from Sydney. Jerkbeast, best band ever. Semen and Garfunkle, Udder Abductees, The Stragglers, Quinton Trembath and Essem.

Brisbane has some amazingly talented and great musicians right now. Who are some you love that you’d like to give a plug too?

The Dangerous Folk, The Dead Ringers, Goon On The Rocks, Flangipanis, Paddy McHugh.

So what does the future hold for Fox N Firkin?

Definitely a long slow progression to the new album; I think we are pretty sort of full for this year. We’ve got a bunch of shows coming up, we have some before we head off to Japan and then some more shows around the country in December. So this year is pretty full and by the time all that is done we will be into the recording process for the new album and have an idea of where we will be heading for 2019, so I am already looking forward to that.

Fox N Firkin play at Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice on July 28th with The Bottlers, Medusa’s Wake and The Pits. Then onto The Bearded Lady at West End in Brisbane on the 4th of August with All Strings Attached, Wheat Paste and The Dangerous Folk. Their new single is up on Youtube now, so go check it out! You can follow Fox N Firkin on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with upcoming gigs and new releases.

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