Interview: with Daniel Hobart of The Molotov

Listening to The Molotov is like a magical, musical journey of different genres and energies rolled into one. Their songs have meaning and a message and the combined talents and forces of the band create a unique and inspiring sound and feeling to all those who listen. They also put on an amazing live performance and with Wallapalooza Festival just around the corner, Shannon-Lee had a chat to Daniel about the band, the festival and so much more.

The Molotov have been around for a long time now, how did the band first get together?

We have been around for a really long time. I joined about 3 to 4 years into it all. I joined as the keyboardist and then moved to guitarist and then there was a point where our singer and guitarist and bassist all left at the same time and then we got our current lineup which we have had now for about 5 years. So there has been a few different eras there. But this one has probably been the most solid. So the band has evolved and the sound has dramatically changed too, it was more rock previously and now it is very heavy and very visceral.

Where did the name The Molotov come from?

Well The Molotov was originally… so Shane, our guitarists/vocalist started the band as a project and he was originally just playing by himself as sort of a punk protest sort of thing, he would be at protests and things…well these are the stories I have been told at least *laughs*. So it was very protest related and the symbolism of the Molotov cocktail is used in that way I guess. So it is all one and the same I guess.

When I was researching the band, the first sentence on your website says: “The Molotov create songs to inspire, challenge and provoke…” I absolutely love that. Do you think that is a good explanation of what you do as a band?

Yes. Yes, so I guess a lot of; particularly the lyrical content is designed to sort of I guess make you think about, cos a lot of it is very politically driven and makes you think about what the government is doing and how you play a role in this whole society. But also at the same time there is a lot of focus on religion and just a lot of other things about respecting women and respecting each other. Keeping your hands to yourself. Trying to keep people mindful of things that are happening in their world. Making it very poignant and I don’t know, like a big slap in your face I guess.

Daniel Hobart captured on stage with The Molotov by Infected Monkey Media.

Who are some of your biggest influences and where do you get your inspiration from as an artist?

OK so for me personally, a lot of Nine Inch Nails and a lot of System Of A Down I would guess would be the biggest sort of musical influences that is shown in The Molotov. In saying that there is a big cesspool of a lot of bands and styles which makes the whole band sound quite a I guess a street pizza of styles *laughs* I guess it’s like if you ate all these different genres and then you like vomited them up on the street then that would be what we sound and probably smell like *laughs*

So the big thing we need to talk about is Wallapalooza Festival! It is so close now! And The Molotov has played it every year since it started I believe?

Every single year yes! I think we are up to year 10 now, from my count.

Yes that’s right, 10 years. I did an interview with Andy (creator of Wallapalooza Festival) a little while ago and he gets very emotional and passionate about his festival and I can understand why! He talked about The Molotov and how much of a huge fan he is, I believe last year he got up and played drums with you for a few songs?

Yeah well I was off in America doing a bunch of crazy stuff so I couldn’t be there for that one. So we did a big switch up and Paul our shy little drummer got up on guitars and Andy jumped up for a few songs to fill in on the drums. That’s what the stories say at least. I was off adventuring in far lands *laughs*

The line up this year is amazing, with a lot of focus on local Gold Coast bands, who are some that you are really keen to see?

Oh Smoking Martha, they are always awesome. They are rad people as well. I always like to see Azreal as well and Baltimore Gun Club.  They are a bunch of great dudes as well as being excellent musicians as well. They are some of the ones that are regulars that I see at Wallapalooza that I keep coming back for. It is not only just playing it, it also being a part of the whole thing.

The Gold Coast and Brisbane have some amazing and talented bands right now, who are some you really love and would like to give a plug too?

There are lots of bands we have played with and got close with over the years but I am not sure how many of them are still active. We have been recording an album for about a good year, we haven’t really played too much in that time and since then a lot of the people we were really close too as far as playing with, have parted ways like Love Hate Rebellion for example. They are magnificent but they aren’t really doing much anymore. Smoking Martha of course but I have already mentioned them. Elkenwood. Gareth’s band. I think, he might be doing a solo thing at Wallapalooza, but his whole band, Elkenwood are excellent! They are just very dreamy but still black metal but very ambient, they fill the room with their sound and it is a beautiful experience.

My next question relates to what you were just saying, The Molotov have been working on an album? Do you have a release date for that album yet?

Yes we have been! We don’t have a release date as yet but we have been working very hard on this album. Doing it very meticulously, to a higher level, way higher level than what we are used to recording and our engineer has been fantastic. Every time we do something he is like, nah you can do that better so you just get the absolute best out of us. So we have been plodding away at this. So it is all recorded, it is currently getting mixed and soon to be mastered. We are itching to get it out do hopefully in the next few months. We are sort of looking at how we are going to release that because we put a lot of work into the art for that and I would really like to get it on vinyl. We are sort of looking at that kind of thing, but we are looking at lots of other ways to release it. In outside of the box kind of ideas, there has been talk of USB’s like a kind of a necklace kind of pendant attached, so it is all one and the same thing, so actually merchandising so that it is a souvenir as well as the album itself. But we are doing the working process for all of that but hopefully the release will be an interesting experience. Vinyl is like a piece of art that you are buying.

Where did you do the recording for the new album?

That was done at Rock City Studios. So that is actually where we rehearse as well. Our drummer Paul actually runs the business there. So that is very handy for us but it is also a good locally run thing that’s all kept in the family I guess. It is based on the Gold Coast at Coomera.


So what does the future hold for The Molotov?

Well it is quite interesting because we have been trying to get this album out for a very long time, so everything is hinging on this. So once this comes out then we will be writing new tunes which we are really excited about. Lots of supporting gigs and hopefully some music videos and we are just really on the edge of what could be at the moment. So who knows!? But there will be a lot going on! A tour is definitely on the cards.

The Molotov are part of the huge line up for Wallapalooza this year so make sure you catch their set. The festival is being held at The Wallaby Hotel on the Gold Coast on Saturday the 15th of September, it is a free event and you get to see over 30 live, local and talented bands. This is a festival you don’t want to miss! GC Live will see you there!

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