GIG REVIEW: Pavilion at the POW, 15/03/2019



Photos by Maddy Willis Photography

Review by Shannon-Lee Sloane – The Colourful Writer. 

For a Friday night at the Prince Of Wales Hotel in Nundah, it was more packed than usual with the night promising a line up of hard rock and metal to please the local live music fans. I was there with thanks to the guys from Pavilion, one of Brisbane’s hard rock/alternative metal bands that are making a name for themselves with their engaging and dedicated live performances after only about a year of being together.


Pavilion are Peter Muldoon on vocals and guitar, Michael Fabricato on guitar, David Hunter on bass and backing vocals and Daniel Radziejowski on drums. The band formed when Peter and Michael found each other through the magic of Facebook networking, discovering that they were both searching for the same thing, to create a rock band that is now known as Pavilion. After finding David and Daniel, the band was complete and ready to find their place in the music world. I feel like Pavilion are on the brink of breaking through and finding a bigger following, though already the crowd was full of fans sporting their Pavilion shirts in support.


With strong clean vocals from Muldoon and a heavier/raspier backing vocal from Hunter, the combination works well. Fabricato plays guitar with a huge amount of talent and passion and Radziejowski’s drumming is really impressive; a definite stand out when seeing these guys live. Pavilion’s sound reminds me of a combination of Cog, Atreyu and Tool with their own style and personality added to the mix. The first couple of tracks The Truth Untold and Age Of Fear were delivered well and by track three, Battlefield, things really started to heat up on stage with a heavier sound and a much more relaxed performance from the guys once they had settled in to their groove. They followed with Scars and Goodnight before finishing with the track we are all waiting for them to officially release with a new film clip to go along with it, Hellfire. Hellfire was definitely the stand out of the set for me and I can see why they have chosen it as their soon to be released single. This song has got all the riffs and a drop that you feel in your soul. The guys have released a teaser for it, and it’s got me really excited and eager to see it when it is released. There is no set release date yet but they have informed me it will be out soon! The teaser video was filmed by Maddy Willis Photography at Acardia Recording Studios while the guys were laying down the tracks for their debut EP with Gareth Hargreaves. The film clip was done with Ben Tevisuals of Third Eye Visuals, who is well known for his high-quality photography and films. There is no doubt this release will be of a very high standard and I feel the guys have done extremely well in choosing who they were to work with for such an important first release.


Pavilion are definitely a band to look out for and I highly recommend you check them out live at one of their next gigs. With the drive, passion and talent these guys have, they are set to be huge!


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