Interview: Tim Stelter of Chaos Divine On New Single + Video + Signing To Beardfoot Bookings

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Interview by Ash Wallace.

Perth’s progressive heavy rock five-piece, Chaos Divine have released a beautiful new animated film clip for their new single Unspoken. With David Anderton on vocals, Ryan Felton and Simon Mitchell on guitars, Michael Kruit on bass and Tim Stelter on drums, this powerful and dynamic group have also recently signed with Beardfoot Bookings and are set for some big things! GC Live recently had a chat with drummer, Tim Stelter about these things and more.

You’ve just released a new animated music video for the single Unspoken, which I absolutely love. What was the inspiration behind it?

“I think the bands always had a pretty strong focus on environment and just the way humans have interacted with the planet-we’re not doing too great in that regards with polluting and all that stuff. So, I think the idea of decay plays a big part in it.”

What can we expect from the new album?

“There’s a lot of diversity on it actually. This’ll be the first album that I’ve recorded with the guys and I think I bought something different to the table. There’s all the classic chaos of sound, its heavier but also softer at the same time. Seems like it’s kinda pushed out in every direction, I feel like it’s a really strong album.”

Being relatively new into the band (2018) where do you see the band going in the future?

“We’ve definitely got plans to get around the country as much as we can and we’ve got our sights set on Europe as well. Personally, bucket list for me is to get to the states and play shows there too. Once this album comes out we definitely want to start pushing that for sure.”

Recently being signed with Beardfoot Bookings, who also looks after Osaka Punch and Voyager, how does it feel to be a part of that team?

Yeah, it’s awesome, it’s so good to have someone who’s Perth local as well. It’s been really good so far, just having that collaborative vibe off them. We’ve got some things in the works right now, which I can’t talk too much about, but we do have some announcements coming up soon.”

You played Progfest earlier this year, how was that experience for you guys?

It was probably the best tour that I’ve been on, just really good. The three Progfest shows were all awesome venues, 1000+ people sorta thing and everyone’s really into it, awesome vibe. We had people sing along to us, it was so much fun.”

How does the Perth metal scene compare with other states such as Melbourne and Brisbane?

Perth has always had a pretty strong scene, with its peak around 2006/2007 where even local shows there were 300/400 through the door. Its definitely changed a lot since then but at the core of it, everyone is still super keen when bands come around. Compared to elsewhere around the country I think we rack up pretty good, but I think we’re having a bit of a tough time though with heaps of venues in Perth having to shut down for various reasons. Certain aspects are bit negative but at the same time there’s new places opening too. The Badlands venue is coming up, I think they opened their doors about a year ago but that’s another place to be at the moment.”

Over the years Australia has been producing amazing metal music and bands, do you have any favourite up and coming Australian acts?

“I guess my background would probably be a little bit different to the other guys in Chaos in terms of the scenes I’ve been in in the past. Actually, the guitarist from my former band, his band, Dealer just dropped three singles and they’re doing pretty big things, they got signed to Avocado Bookings. I think they did their first show last night which was sold out over in Sydney, that’s pretty rad, super heavy.”

What kind of music do you listen to on the regular and does it influence any Chaos Divine music?

I try and listen to as much styles as possible, definitely a lot of like super heavy stuff but I try to broaden the horizons constantly because I think you always get more inspiration to bring into Chaos or any musical project if you have a really broad base. Listened to PJ Harvey last night and all the way through to Nile and Behemoth.”

What’s been your favourite venue to play and do you have a dream venue you’d love to play at?

I think I’ve always got a soft spot for Falders Live in Adelaide, I think they’ve shut their doors now but I played there about four times with different bands which has always been rad. I love Valley Drive In in Brisbane, you know out the back of the Brightside, that was awesome to play as well. Dream venue to play, that’s a tough one haha. I think if we were big enough to play I would say Budokan in Japan, that would be pretty huge. Also, obviously Whiskey in LA. That has a lot of history for metal and rock.”

And finally, just to wrap up, if you could play alongside any artist, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

It would be Pantera. Dimebag Darrell…like that guy is the reason why I started playing music. Even though I play drums and he plays guitar, the influence that band had on me, it just flows through to this day and I think a few of the other guys in Chaos would say the same about that one. So that would be pretty intense to play alongside those guys.”

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You can stream and buy the new single HERE.


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