PREMIERE: MUULES Break Out Isolation-era Heavy Alt-rock Single ‘We Could Do Better’

It’s a damn strange world we’ve found ourselves living in, and while the live music has been put on hold, bands are still finding a way to keep the music flowing.

Sunshine Coast alt-rock/prog trio, Muules have joined the cause, dug deep and released one of their rockiest tracks in We Could Do Better.

One of their oldest songs (written back in 2017), the lyrics are somewhat prophetic in bringing to light how the majority of us are feeling while in lock down/isolation, particularly with the opening lines, ‘Four walls closing in, tightness grips across your chest, irrational feelings, can’t quite put my finger on, not quite doom, but something’s impending’.

With a Nick Boardman toms-driven beat driving the abrasive groove-meets-grunge bass attack, all complementing the powerful vocal delivery of vocalist Nathan Vasey, it’s a relatively simple approach which shifts gear at the song’s crescendo, employing a barrage of synths and textures to bring together a thick, full conclusion.

Bassist/producer Rhys Fox said they had been holding on to this track for some time, but now is a better time than ever to not hold back. ‘This song was one of the first we wrote, and has been a staple in our sets since our first shows, but the recording had been shelved, and it’s only because we’d been working on the other tracks for the future album release that we decided to revisit We Could Do Better, and to pardon the pun, make it better,’ he said.

‘It’s still one of our favourite songs to play, and we figured the ol’ track has paid its dues. The current situation is kind of weirdly predicted in the lyrics, and we feel like we’re doing our part to keep the music flowing.’

Hitting like a weird blend of late 90s period Incubus and The Fragile-era Nine Inch Nails, We Could Do Better is a belter of a heavy alternative rock tune, and will be available for streaming and download from April 27th.

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