SAINT BARAE Shares New Single ‘Hollow’

“No I’m not perfect but it’s time to leave, I won’t live my life inside a fallacy”

Hollow – Saint Barae

In a worldwide culture led by polarization and divisiveness, no artist understands the power of nuance and acceptance of other’s beliefs quite like 25-year-old Saint Barae.

Following hot on the heels of emotionally explosive driven single Edge of Nowhere, Gold Coast native Saint Barae is back – baring his soul more than ever before on this latest synth-pop tinged offering titled Hollow. Riding the momentum of two SOLD OUT shows at iconic venues The Milk Factory (South Brisbane) and Miami Marketta (Gold Coast), Hollow comes at a pivotal moment in the young artists’ career, as a trailblazer leading the way through his example that boundary pushing music can be made against all odds in a mid-pandemic world. This was best shown through the release of his debut music video for Edge of Nowhere, a technicoloured visual feast that featured cutting edge projections, special effects and an out of this world wardrobe all while abiding by strict social distancing regulations.

Barae is once again proving that he is no stranger to spectacle, with this release featuring a symphony of shimmering 80’s inspired synths against rapid-fire trap beats and angelic vocal delivery, all of which make this track’s chorus feel like a mountain top stride of pop catharsis. But most impressive of all on this latest cut is the painfully raw subject matter of Saint Barae’s lyrics, which expose the deeply rooted trauma he had experienced being a young gay man raised in the church.

He explains in his own words:
“I come from a very conservative background and Hollow is about reconciling my own relationship with God and the idea of faith as I try to live life as my authentic self. I’ve been hurt by so many people I thought loved me unconditionally as a result of something I cannot change, but Hollow is not a diss track – its about choosing forgiveness when you want revenge.”

Rejoining forces with creative powerhouse Adam Anonuevo, Hollow will receive its own music video treatment set for release in November, as well as Barae’s first line of merchandise available following the time of release.


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