NO NO NO NO NO Pair Tormenting Music Video With New Single ‘Sharksfin’

Pairing with their post-hardcore and punk-charged new single Sharksfin, Adelaide’s NO NO NO NO NO are releasing a tormenting and anxiety-inducing music video.

Produced by the band’s own Luke Shaw, the clip explores the depression and anxiety that is formed around guilt and fear. Shaw states:

“The clip is an extension of the lyrics. I had a friend of a friend of a friend that killed someone in a car accident and went into hiding because he was getting constant death threats, phone calls and people driving by his house. I started writing the clip around this idea and the guilt and fear he must have felt. It morphed into the main character not having actually done anything wrong, but forced into hiding by his own depression/anxiety and the thoughts that go along with that.”

The clip opens with the protagonist, NX5’s bass player Dylan Guest, starring down the camera in a wrecked room as the phone rings out. Flashing through the months, the music video shows the baggage that continues to torment Guest who is unable to move forward as he hides out in his home. The burden grows heavier, the paranoia builds, and the self-destruction intensifies. Desperately he tries everything to shake the agony and free himself from the “luggage”. 

NX5 are carrying their own luggage, but it is only the weight of their achievements so far, winning the Heavy Award at the 2020 SA Music Awards and being nominated again for 2021, piquing the interest of fellow pop/punk heavyweights such as Eamon Sandwith (The Chats) and Benji Madden (Good Charlotte), as well as receiving support from Rolling Stone AUHysteria Mag,Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, Scenestr and much more.

NO NO NO NO NO’s teeth-sinking single Sharksfin and it’s accompanying music video are out now.
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