The Urban Sea Drop New Single ‘Devil In the Church’

Devil in the Church is the third single from The Urban Sea’s upcoming debut album ‘Fall Back to Reason’ which is set for release on November 27.

Delving unashamedly into the challenges of living with depression or anxiety in today’s world, the song explores the difficulty of maintaining relationships with people who mean well but don’t really understand, and whose support can lead to feelings of guilt and frustration.

Musically and lyrically, it develops from moody introspection until finally boiling over in angst and frustration. With a current national mental health epidemic and a shift in society towards greater awareness and support, Devil In The Church is a song that will undoubtedly resonate with many.

Well known around the live music venues and dive bars of Brisbane, The Urban Sea have been making some serious waves with their unique style of groove rock. With six members and an arsenal of instruments at their disposal, they are a genre-fluid melting pot of influences known for their huge live sound and songs that speak to fans across the musical spectrum.

The Urban Sea’s initial inception occurred in 2016 when lead guitarist Shanan Kilner and drummer Casper Hall’s former band The Fire burned out and The Urban Sea was born from the ashes. Their first release Underground Love, was picked up by radio stations across the globe. It was quickly followed by the successful release of their debut self-titled EP featuring the single You and Me which received national airplay on Double J, garnered thousands of streams across multiple platforms and put the band on the Australian music map.

Now, with Devil In The Church and a full album ready for release, The Urban Sea is shaping up for a huge 2022.

Devil In The Church is streaming on all platforms now.

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