LÂLKA Drops Rapturous New EP ‘Euphoria’

Borneo born, Meanjin / Brisbane based producer-vocalist LÂLKA shares her rapturous second EP ‘Euphoria.’ LISTEN HERE.

Since her debut, The Way Music Looks, released as a bold introduction into LÂLKA the artist, today she arrives with ‘Euphoria,’ a neon light laden journey through the effervescent sugar high that club spaces provide. Influenced by induced isolation and separation as typified on the Evangeline featuring Hold Me, ‘Euphoria’ is both minimalist and maximalist in tone and across its emotional underpinnings – much like those that have come to define these recent years. These competing extremes are as transcendent and sublime as they are blisteringly dark on LÂLKA‘s latest release, as riddled with anxiety and grief as it is enthusiastic in its search for elation.

Taking cues from the multi-level and virtually faceted rave world of Danny L Harle, to Porter Robinson‘s unbridled joy in throwing all rules out the window, ‘Euphoria’ illustrates LÂLKA‘s own iteration of glitch infused poptronica, filtered through the lens of her lived experiences as a woman of colour in the epic Gradient, before reaching its own gabber-core crescendo on the vulnerable and exposed latest addition, My Party. Joining the new club world of LÂLKA‘s own making are Bopcorn and CHAII who add their own redefined and remixed shadings of Hold Me and Gradient respectively. Elated at the prospect of collaboration, Bopcorn shares “We found out that LÂLKA played some of our music in her mixes, and we connected. Lalka sent us some tracks and we really liked the Gradient track so we decided to do the remix. Our remix is inspired by Hyperpop and a little mix of video games.”

Speaking to her new release, LÂLKA reveals “All the songs have the sensation of chasing euphoria as viscerally as possible. It’s meant to be consumed when one has an insatiable drive for ecstasy despite crying at a club or a party, whether alone or in a crowd. I hope that they will be revellers who will be united in a collective euphoria when they listen to the music. And from there, to have the stubborn resilience to find ways to keep connected and to keep dancing.” ‘Euphoria’ follows LÂLKA‘s debut EP ‘The Way Music Looks,’ which drew acclaim from triple j Unearthed (Feature Artist), Bandcamp, NME, Acclaim, leading German art, fashion and music outlet Kaltblut, Pilerats, Life Without Andy and more. This weekend, LÂLKA will debut her brand new ‘Euphoria’ Live set, complete with new visuals, music and remixes of her own – all details BELOW.

Euphoria’ EP by LÂLKA is out now, buy/stream it here.

Sun Nov 28 – Big Summer Block Party @ Black Bear Lodge – Meanjin / Brisbane
Tickets available here.

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