DANDE AND THE LION Purr With Hooky Indie-Pop Track ‘Cheap Choice’

“A 5 min epic from Dande And The Lion that gets all stirring and bold and moves through genres like it ain’t no thang.”Declan Byrne, triple j
“Can’t suppress the fun energy and vigour of this band with this track. The indie-disco aesthetic throws it back to some long forgotten faves like New Young Pony Club, The Long Blondes, etc.”Dave Ruby Howe, triple j Unearthed
“Heaps of ideas!! You really pulled me along.”Max Quinn, triple j Unearthed
“Showcasing a bright versatility, proving that they’re not a group that only sticks to one sound… a band who may just become a favourite in the years to come.”Pilerats
“There’s something really hypnotic about this track… this is the heartstring piece of pop music we need right now.”Life Without Andy
“Awash with beautiful harmonies and dream melodies”Music Feeds
“A bold arrangement of expansive electro-pop synths, a catchy chorus, energetic hook, off centre guitar riffs, all-encompassing percussion, and is as instantly infectious as their last, making it the ultimate road trip track of the year.”Forte Magazine
“Electrifying and high energy indie rock”Milky Milky Milky

Sydney’s indie-pop darlings Dande And The Lion have today returned with a sweet, humming new track titled Cheap Choice. It builds on the dual vocal talent that the band have highlighted in previous singles Higher Places & Wasting Time. Cheap Choice spotlights the constant run-around and false truths of one partner to another, diving into the difficulties of leaving, even when clearly identifying the ‘red flags’ in a relationship.
Taking elements of indie & pop, Dande And The Lion are eloquent and measured in their displeasure. Vocalists Natassa Zoë Abbey Gardner combine with silky smooth harmonies, cutting the edge from the indignation, although no less determined and fierce. Cruising, anchored rhythms from Nicholas Shea (bass) and Chris Gabriel (drums) provide a steady foundation for the gorgeous melody lines of Zoë Gardner to soar across.

“I wrote Cheap Choice a few years back, before Dande and The Lion had formed and just as I was just coming out of a tumultuous relationship. It was also a period in my life when I was feeling especially frustrated, working in a corporate job in which I felt lost and without any real sense of purpose. At the time I was listening to a lot of Florence and the Machine, Cold War Kids and Yeah Yeah Yeahs so I guess this track was influenced by these bands the most. Cheap Choice represents feeling taken advantage of and being stuck in something that you’re not happy with, whether it be a difficult relationship or a job, and then finding the inner strength to break away from that and align yourself with what truly makes you happy, which for me was Dande and The Lion”. – Natassa Zoë, Dande And The Lion
“It’s raw and it’s abrasive, yet there’s a playful sweetness in its delivery.” 
Nicholas Shea, Dande And The Lion 

Heading into the renowned The Grove Studios (Birds Of Tokyo, DMA’s, Ocean Alley) on the Central Coast, Dande And The Lion linked up with producer, engineer & mixing engineer Jack Nigro (Skeggs, DMA’s & Pacific Avenue) to form a partnership that would guide the track into its final form. With Jack hearing the heart in the initial demo, he was able to polish and mould it into the track heard today, all whilst retaining the measured kick of Natassa Zoë’s lyrical disdain. Acclaimed mastering engineer Steve Smart (Tash Sultana, Vance Joy, Middle Kids) added a final shine and polish to the tune, aiding the band in completing their vision for the track.

“Jack Nigro captured the essence of the track, an upbeat indie pop song with a bite to it. We still felt like we were missing something for the opening of the song, and at the end of the recording session Tass came up with the perfect riff – such a satisfying moment I’m sure a lot of artists can relate to.”  – Abbey Gardner, Dande And The Lion
“I kept the song in my book and didn’t bring it to the band until a couple of years after we had formed. I guess I was still trying to find my voice as an artist. When I eventually did present it to the band they were really open to it and as a group we began consolidating the drums, bass and synth. The lyrics, structure, melody and chords were very similar to what I had originally written, then the band as a whole focused on bringing all the elements together. Nicholas and Abbey worked on creating a darker progression moving into the bridge section to help articulate the shift in the story, moving from a helpless perspective to one of empowerment. Abbey had a really big influence over the chorus melody and overall tone, which really helped the chorus pop”  – Natassa Zoë, Dande And The Lion

Whilst taking an intelligent and measured purr throughout Cheap Choice, don’t mistake Dande And The Lion for a small kitten – their heart and bite shows a big cat inside, just waiting to roar!

Cheap Choice is out Thursday January 13th


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