PRIDELANDS Release Their Debut Album ‘Light Bends’

“Pridelands have cemented their status as the new flag-bearers of Australian metalcore.” – Rolling Stone Australia

“Pridelands just raised the bar for Australian metalcore.” – Hysteria Magazine

“This record is proof that Pridelands are well ahead of their years as musicians and songwriters.” – Wall Of Sound

“…It is an album of well constructed, well executed and brilliantly produced songs.” – Heavy Magazine

“For a country that in the last decade has unloaded arguably it’s greatest generation of musical metal exports, look no further than Pridelands as flying the flag to lead the next generation.” – HiFi Way

“Pridelands’ prowess in songwriting is reaching a zenith in Light Bends, and leaves little to be desired from such a talented band.” – Amnplify

Melbourne-based, five-piece metal band Pridelands have released their highly anticipated debut studio album, ‘Light Bends’, out now via Resist Records in Australia and SharpTone Records for the rest of the world.

Earlier in the week they released the fourth song, Antipathy.”Antipathy is a song that we wrote to channel and cleanse some of the more negative emotions that we had during the time. It’s certainly the most quote/unquote “angry” song of the album, but it is not that simple. The name itself means that you severely dislike something, or have a strong aversion to it, so the lyrics and instruments try to address this as a double entendre. We feel this deep-seeded anger towards a subject, and also to ourselves for letting it drag us down. It’s a song about the vicious cycle of anger, and how we may try to break that, praying that we and the subject both make it out.” says drummer, Joe Lipsham.

‘Light Bends’ was mixed by acclaimed producer George Lever at G1 Productions, UK (Sleep Token, Loathe) and mastered by Ermin Hamidovic at Systematic Productions (Architects, Northlane, Periphery). 
The arrangements throughout Pridelands’ striking 11-song collection are supple, lurching, unpredictable and exhilarating. Prepare to be blown away by sudden shifts in tone as serene moments are invaded, unexpectedly, by brutality and chaos. An undercurrent of unease simmers menacingly below the surface, but there’s a sense that catharsis is just out of reach. Pridelands take aim and really take it there on their debut record.

‘Light Bends’ is one hellavu wild ride; prepare for the best possible kind of mayhem when Pridelands deliver these blistering songs in a live setting.

After winning the triple j Unearthed competition to perform on UNIFY Gathering’s main stage in 2019, the band will be returning to perform at UNIFY Forever in March 2022.

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