Apocalyptic-Surf-Rockers PARKLANDS Break New Ground With New Single ‘Everything’

Apocalyptic-beach-rock trailblazers Parklands have quickly built a renowned reputation for energetic
and captivating live shows, and now, they have Everything to show for it.

“Everything was really a step up for us in terms of songwriting. It’s about being unbalanced in a sort of cheerful way, and how that way of thinking can affect someone. It dabbles in both the light and the dark, and I think that’s pretty reflective of Parklands overall.” Charlie Patterson, Singer/Rhythm Guitarist

Inspired by the malignant and persistent train of thought that in all light there must be darkness,
Everything’s crunchy guitar intro gives way to a beautifully intimate vocal moment. This is followed by a
sweeping guitar riff, heavy under the weight of nostalgia, melancholy, and hope. The euphoric lyrics and
heavenly soundscapes of the chorus pay off gorgeously for Parklands, who have undeniably found the
inner beauty of a universally felt paradox in Everything.

“The song was developed as a way to mark the beginning of a new era of Parklands. It signifies a turning point for us as we begin on a journey of self-discovery and expression. We’ve finally figured out who we are and what we want to say.”Tom Brereton, Lead Guitarist

Everything marks a shift in the sonic landscape that Parklands has so far delivered, which all started in
the studio.

It was our first time in an actual studio with an engineer and it was a really enlightening experience. Having it be such a hands-on experience meant we were able to really capture the sound we were searching for, and ‘Everything’ just felt light the right way for us to kick off the year that we’ve all been waiting for.”Bailey Bowyer, Drummer

Everything kicks off what will be a jam-packed 2022 for Parklands. Over the last 12 months, the group have well and truly graduated from the crucible of the Canberra scene, touring alongside fellow aus-rock faves Sputnik Sweetheart, Good Lekker and OK Hotel. With their sights set on broadening their horizons, getting back on the road, and doubling down on all aspects of their vision, Parklands are primed and ready for what is to come.

“We’re really kicking it up a notch this year. Even the merch releases alongside the string of singles we’re
dropping throughout the year are huge, we’ve just got heaps of exciting things for fans to look forward to with the new music and shows. When it comes down to it, we’re super focused on building that real connection with the audience, because that’s where we all have the most fun anyway.”
Charles Hamilton, Bassist

Everything by Parklands IS OUT NOW

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