ANYA ANASTASIA Makes Her Eagerly-Awaited Debut With Rousing Single ‘Losing Wild’

Emerging as the soulful conduit between a profound fusion of experimental folk and West-African inspired desert rock, Adelaide singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Anya Anastasia is making her fierce debut with the release of rousing single Losing Wild on January 28.

Taking an avant-garde approach to her distinctive style of art-rock, Anya Anastasia intricately moulds flourishing arrangements with unique instrumental accompaniments and bewitching vocals to invoke intense images of faraway lands, untouched plains and the many wonders of the natural world.

Now, Anya Anastasia has unleashed her debut single Losing Wild, breaking with an invigorating, momentous beat created by the deadly pluck of banjo strings combined with a drumming stomp. Coaxing us forward, Anya’s vocals hold an eerie, bewitching charm throughout their transfixing melodious journey, visited by quaint instrumentals and the subtle hint of ominous whistling. Freedom’s call beckons as the chorus arrives, untethered as the marching beat makes way for fluid keys, the gentle ring of the kalimba, trickling banjo riffs and soaring vocal harmonies.

In a flurry of great yearning, a stampede of folk-familial instrumentals come together at the song’s bridge detailing pristine landscapes as Anya‘s vocal layerings make a last desperate plea for the future.

With her conscientious, storied approach to songwriting, Anya Anastasia uses her unique lyricism to question society and stir environmental action, with her debut single doing just that: “Losing Wild explores the idea that the loss of biodiversity diminishes human imagination. The song suggests that the extinction crisis not only poses heartbreaking and planet-threatening external risks, but also heralds the end of good poetry and diminishment of playful minds. To find solutions, we all need to listen to our scientists whilst also engaging our imaginations.”

Anya Anastasia’s debut single Losing Wild is released today – 28 January

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