DANI TEVELUWE Releases Wholesome New Single ‘Double Shot’ 

“Dani has a dynamic voice, with depth and soul often likened to Amy Winehouse complemented by a delicate softness of Norah Jones.” (Good Call Live)

“An uplifting acoustic pop number of self-discovery and growth that touches upon themes of breaking free from toxicity, illuminated by her sassy and soulful vocal presence.”
[About ‘Weight Off’] (Blank GC)

“There’s a nice simple charm on this one from Dani that builds really nicely.”
[About ‘Movin’ On’] (Declan Byrne, Triple J)

“Honestly was a delight to listen to! Love the sweet harmonies and happy beach vibes.”
[About ‘Let Go’] (Leonardo Sunshine, Triple J)

“Can’t explain it but this song gives me a feeling like I need to be on an island to consume it properly. There’s gotta be sand and blue waters nearby. It’s peaceful like that.”
[About ‘Let Go’](Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J)

Using her soulful voice, sanguine songwriting and sunny disposition to spread love, joy and positive energy, Gold Coast (Yugambeh Country) based First Nations (Weilwan) singer-songwriter Dani Teveluwe is exploring her playful side with wholesome new single Double Shot and its adorable music video accompaniment.

Debuting in 2021 with singles Weight OffLet Go and Movin’ OnDani Teveluwe is already making waves in the acoustic pop scene with her warm, soulful voice, humble sonic arrangements and clear connection to the coastal way of life, delivering charming indie-pop that lifts the spirits and delights the senses.

Now, Dani Teveluwe is exploring the childlike sentiment of easy forgiveness in Double Shot, a sweet, soothing tune illuminated by the soft strum of acoustic guitar and gentle percussion as Dani’s clear, sugar-toned vocals play innocently with peaceful melodies. Exploring the track’s sonic landscape with childlike wonder, the brassy brilliance of soaring trumpets fly high overhead, bringing with them a warming feeling of hope and acceptance.

Like a much-needed hug on a bad day, the track envelopes with grooving guitar riffs, delightfully catchy lyrics and the unconditional love that Dani effortlessly projects through her voice, her songwriting and her pure passion for music.

Inspired by the notion that “hurt people hurt people”, Dani wrote Double Shot in a state of empathy, understanding and compassion for oneself and others that might be stuck in the habit of being unkind. Dani further explains:

“At the time of writing this song, I had noticed people in my life who were habitually mean, crass or unkind; however when I truly understood the phrase ‘hurt people, hurt people’, I could step back and see more clearly, through the eyes of compassion. I hope this track can connect with those who have been hurt, or who have done the hurting, and create space for forgiveness, and hopefully more joy.”

Produced by Roan Sajko and inspired by Playschool and the Maddy Jane music video for The Other Day, the visual accompaniment for Double Shot sees Dani Teveluwe as the host of a children’s performing program. Utterly captivating, Dani is a ray of sunshine as she interacts with a group of children who are playfully being taught the importance of being kind to others. Guaranteeing a smile, the music video for Double Shot acts as the perfect expression of compassion through the lens of childlike innocence.

Since her recent debut, Dani Teveluwe has seen support from Triple J, Double J, Triple J Unearthed, BLANK GC, Sounds of Oz, GC Live, Juice FM, Life on Music Podcast and more, as well as securing a songwriting session with Eskimo Joe’s Joel Quartermain.

Enjoy a double dose of Dani Teveluwe with her new single Double Shot and darling music video accompaniment.

Listen to Double Shot HERE.

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