DEBBIES Return For 2022 With New Single ‘Let You Know’

“Debbies sing about who are the real ones and who are the fakes while also proving that they’re the real deal! *insert photo of man smirking and pointing to his brain*”(4 Stars)Declan Byrne, Triple j

“Debbies coming out with an absolute honker to kick off 2020! The blokes levelling up with this crunched ‘n fried burly rocker. (4.5 Stars)”Dave Ruby Howe, Triple j Unearthed

“I’ve got lots of big time yews for this one boys. Way to nail your first release for 2020. I’m ready to take over the world with this track as the soundtrack. (4.5 Stars)”Claire Mooney, Triple j

“Money is a thrashing three-minutes that feels like a snapshot of what’s to come, full of rushing guitar riffs and pacing percussion that moves amongst these kind-of relaxed yet reflective vocals”Pilerats

Jervis Bay duo Debbies are back with their first release for the New Year, an addictive 3:11 minutes of melodic punk rock in Let You Know.

Following off the back of a year that saw Debbies garner attention and solidify their growing fanbase who frothed their music – a blend of laidback attitudes and savvy indie-punk ideals – Noah Egan and Alex Robertson have kicked things up a notch with their new sounds.

 It’s already Debbies 2.0 season, and Let You Know is the perfect start to their next chapter.

The song itself is wrapped up in stylistic references and throwbacks to the likes of Blink 182, The Story So Far and more contemporary Australian projects like Ceres, Luca Brasi and Lincoln Le Fevre. Inspired by the recent revival of American punk rock, Let You Know comes with heart on its sleeve.

“With Let You Know we wanted to show a more mature and upgraded side of Debbies that we felt like we hadn’t done yet. We’ve become more and more inspired by the punk rock revival that has been going on in the American music scene lately involving idols of ours, like Travis Barker. This made us really keen on producing some more punkish tones in this track where we think we’ve landed somewhere between what our fans already love, and a taste of the direction we are taking Debbies in.”DEBBIES

Writing of the track began back in October 2020, the initial hooks put to the side at the time because it was ‘too Blink-182 to be Debbies’. Then as time progressed, Noah returned to the demo and eventually expanded on that initial stem of an idea and grew it from there. Recorded at Defwolf Studios out in Kurnell NSW, Debbies linked up with George Georgiadis (The VANNS, Charlie Collins), who they have worked with in the past, to mix and master the final result. 

“In trying to create a different style of songwriting that we were used to with Let You Know, we steered away from the topics we usually write about and decided to write about an experience of a couple on the way home from a night out in a taxi. We pretty much went with the idea that the guy felt like he wasn’t good enough for the person he was in the taxi with and rolled with it. After stringing together personal experiences, writing lyrics with my girlfriend and playing the song countless times in Robbo’s attic, it felt like we ended up with the most real Debbies song we have created so far and we couldn’t be more stoked on it.”Noah Egan, DEBBIES

The video for Let You Know saw Debbies connect with filmmaker Tom Healy, as they took the song’s narrative out to Wollongong to bring the visual ideas to life. Featuring Dylan Waddington (Dribs) and Scarlett McKahey (Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers), as well a whole swag of mates, the process was easily the most fun Debbies had in producing Let You Know as a whole product.

“We threw a backyard party that followed the story of a couple who were on bad terms at the start of the clip but made up by the end. In the clip, we were the band that was playing at the party, which gave us more of a directing role for the clip because we weren’t the main characters. Our local brewery Jervis Bay Brewery hooked us up with heaps of beers for the party which kept everyone hydrated throughout the day. Shooting the clip in Wollongong was our goal from the start as all our mates were able to come and it felt less like a music video but more like a good party with mates. Having Tom Healy film/edit and direct the clip was a no brainer also as we have always frothed his style in other clips he’s filmed for Dune Rats and Hockey Dad. The turnout was sick, we had heaps of skaters, a blow up pool and a lot of good people there to make the clip as awesome as it could be.”DEBBIES

‘Let You Know’ is out now

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