Brisbane’s NEIGHBOUR Announces New Single + Upcoming ‘Farewell’ Show

Neighbour, is the musical project of aspiring comedian/musician, Ryan Nebauer. After years in the scene in a variety of projects, Nebauer has settled into Neighbour and has announced the release of new single, Don’t Tell Your Mother.

“Two weeks before the world stopped in March 2020, I sat by my father and held his hand as he died. Instilling a keen musical curiosity and teaching me piano and guitar from childhood, my dad was not only a father figure but a long time mentor and friend. When I started doing shows as Neighbour, he played double bass alongside me for the first year of performances. Mark Nebauer was a positive man that truly believed he would outlive his illness. He believed it so much, that the conversation about what should happen if he were to pass never felt appropriate. Don’t Tell Your Mother is a song that took two years of processing some pretty heavy feelings to meet the world. It’s a song that ponders a conversation that never came to be.

To celebrate the release of the track, Neighbour (and friends) will be hosting a single launch + farewell show at Brisbane’s It’s Still A Secret on Friday March 18. Following the show, Neighbour will be moving to Berlin for a year to do music there so this be the last chance to see a live show before 2023. The show will also feature live stand up comedy from actual comedian, Meg JagerGET TICKETS HERE.

Don’t Tell Your Mother is released on March 3rd

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