LUCY LORENNE Releases ‘Dear New Lover’

Hot on the heels of her recently released debut single Geneva, Lucy Lorenne is back with a dreamy new release – Dear New Lover. This latest work of masterful musical storytelling is a heartfelt plea to the new lover of an old flame, urging them to avoid the same mistake of ‘letting go’.

This romantic reminiscence is brought to life by mellow guitar melodies, tingling electric 12 string, triumphant horns and soaring vocals. Don’t be sad though, Dear New Lover will leave you feeling uplifted, contemplating that age old idiom – you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone!

A generous mix of indie folk and rock, Lorenne’s delivery of honest and soulful vocals are underpinned by her stellar five-piece band that brings the track to life.

With stories that span love, life, social conscience and everything in between, the music of Lucy Lorenne is rich, rhythmic and relatable, with melodies that find their way into your heart and won’t let go.

Dear New Lover IS OUT NOW

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