SPKEZY Release Genre-Bending Alt-Rock Single + Video ‘Hell House’

“There’s no doubt about it, SPKEZY are one of the most exciting up and comers Australia has to offer.” – HYSTERIA MAG

“I love the balance between the electronic moments and the heavier influence. It feels rich in sounds, its catchy it’s delivered with punch, texture and atmosphere.” CLAIRE MOONEY, TRIPLE J

“To say I’m impressed with this band is an understatement. Their talent is glowing through and the fact that they do everything themselves amazes me.” RAWING IN THE PIT

“Spkezy [has a] strong command of the alternative rock genre, complete with grunge-tastic choruses”GOOD CALL LIVE 

“Spkezy might just be your new favourite band to keep your eyes on if you’re fond of Chase Atlatic, Bilmuri and Blackbear.”AAA BACKSTAGE

Spkezy are true musicians who push the bounds of their creativity. Known for their poised approach to genre-bending music they have produced an extremely well balanced fusion of dark pop and alt-rock in Hell House.
The sound is as fresh as it is catchy. Wild attitude and instrumental density shines through, reminding listeners of front runners The Dead LoveMy Chemical Romance and Waxflower.

Hell House builds upon an 80s inspired soundscape with a power-packed grunge chorus, and futuristic EDM synth pulses throughout. This coupled with crisp recording and energetic instrumentation allows the pop sensibilities to shine through the hooks and melodies. Recorded at HTE Audio in Launceston, Tassie, it’s energizing, expertly produced, and simply impossible to forget. 

“Hell House is a trip into a pretty scary place. A place that was/is nurtured by substance and alcohol abuse. A place that can make it hard to distinguish fact from fiction & friend from foe. The feeling of not knowing who to trust, even if that is yourself.” Luke Vaessen – Spkezy

The alt-pop rockers that make up Spkezy are Luke Vaessen (vocals), Joel Hallam (guitar, samples, keyboard), Owen Broad (drums) and Ryan Barker (bass). They pride themselves as being completely DIY. This unique element spans across the near entirety of the band’s disciplines from the production and recording to the making and refinement of music video and single art. This undoubtedly provides a more authentic experience for the listener as they can connect with the true artistic vision of Spkezy, untainted by the influence of external parties. 
Speaking of the creation of the track Joel says “I tend to write piano lines first and follow with a beat and then guitar, I’ll normally get it to a point where I’m happy with it and then all the boys have their input and it will start to take shape into an actual song. It’s not uncommon for a song to go through multiple revisions before we’re happy with it. I think that doing everything ourselves from the mixing all the way through to the visual elements gives us heaps of freedom creatively and I think that really shows in the final product.” 
Accompanying the genre-bending alt-pop rocker is a surreal visualiser. “The video really tries to push the uncertainty, paranoia and terror that comes from feeling lost in your own mind, and lost in your life.” 

Trying to encapsulate all that Spkezy are, is a near impossible task. Direct comparisons fail to sum up the full experience that the single Hell House is. The aural chaos is calculated and fits snugly into their creative niche and infectious hooks. The steady hands of Spkezy guide the track into the resulting complex and multi-genre fusion success.

Hell House IS OUT NOW


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