SINGLE REVIEW: Fin’s Contingency Plan – ‘Allergic’

Words by Emily Hollitt {Emily Hollitt Content Writer{Malina Claire}

Fin’s Contingency Plan is an act we’ve had our eyes on for a while and the ‘Ben Folds of Brisbane’ is back with, in my opinion, his best work yet. Fin‘s knack for charming, quirky songwriting shines through in his latest single and accompanying music video Allergic.

Coming hot off the heels of his debut album release late last year with ‘Murphy’s Law‘, fans of Fin, like myself, have been eager to see what he’s had instore for us next. Allergic takes all the best aspects of Fin‘s musichis knack for mixing fun concepts with emotional stories, his catchy melodic songwriting and his ‘big band’ productionand mixing them together to create something totally new. Described as ” a soulful indie-folk ballad about unattainable love, told through a grisly medical metaphor.” the song turns this sad concept into something fun to listen to regardless of which side of the relationship you connect with.

Opening with a bouncy, catchy acoustic guitar, Fin‘s vocals quickly open with “I think I’m allergic, there’s something in the air“, setting the precedent for the song. Listing his symptoms in great detail, he comes to the conclusion “I think I’m allergic to your love”.

Quickly, a large brass and strings section is introduced as he leads into the second verse, growing as the song progresses.

“I’ve got a reaction, I’ve got a thing to say. I’m thinking about it all night and everyday. It’s rubbing against me, I know that you have seen me looking around for an antihistamine.”

Intricately layered harmonies enter for the bridge.

“You know I am sorry, I know you try to care. But I cannot feel it, it’s pollen in the air. It’s the puncture from a bee sting. It’s prions in my food. You want something different, and baby, I’m not in the mood.”

The song finishes with a simple line to wrap up the point of a songyou can’t force yourself to love someone the same way or in the same degree that they love you, no matter how perfect the situation may seem.

“Although it’s you I’m dreaming of, I am allergic to your love”

The single is the first time Fin has featured his full band, as is the music video. Showing the behind the scenes of the recording process including the chords used for the arrangement, the video adds an extra element to appreciate the immense thought put into creating the beautiful sonic landscape that helps tell the song’s story. Directed by fellow Brissy muso Alex Smith (or, as you may know him, Your Man Alex Smith), the video is also an incredible product of what a collective of local musicians can make.

Allergic is available now on all platforms
Listen HERE


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