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Words by: Tracey Moyle {Music Maven}

Papa Roach has been releasing their interpretation of rock for over two decades, and with the release of the band’s 11th Studio album, ‘Ego Trip’, they confirm they have every intention of being around for another 20 plus.

The Californian rockers have never followed the rules when it comes to genre, and this brilliant new album has again pulled from not one, but multiple key influences the band draw on. This diversity comes from their desire to constantly discover and listen to new music and evolve rather than stick to a solid formula.

Since the popular release of their iconic sophomore album ‘Infest’ in 2000, the band have constantly evolved, making their own rules as they went along. They never did adhere to the security of the ‘popular genre’.

‘Ego Trip’ is a brilliant example of how a band can and should expand and continue creating new music that pushes boundaries not just for their music but also for their fans.

This first chapter of the album takes the bare bones of nu metal and recreates it with a full infusion of the current rap and rock culture. Album opener Kill The Noise carries that undeniable Papa Roach quality with full force. The song is riff-heavy, with Jacoby Shaddix’s melodic power capturing that place inside you that makes you want to sing along. “Shut up!” screams through with the pain of someone who has finally snapped.

The versatility of this band is the key that keeps the fans coming back for more. The rap/rock infusion continues through Stand Up, swinging from rap to a melodic chorus to exasperated screams into two of the album’s most distinctive tracks. Swerve features Fever 333’s Jason Aalon Butler and rapper Sueco and pushes the band’s sound to a new level. Swerve and Bloodline are something special, giving you a sense that you’re listening to some other brilliant Papa Roach from an alternate reality. Bassist Tobin Esperance once spoke about the band members having individual influences across all genres and continued to seek out new music. They didn’t want to pigeonhole themselves to ensure their creativity was never stifled and always authentic. This statement rings true with this new album.

Their tracks change direction with a special kind of mastery, with Shaddix following the narrative like a master storyteller through Liar. Then the title track, Ego Trip, accelerates the tempo with drummer Tony Palermo belting the track into life. Esperance brings depth to the track with a dominant bass owning it in all the right spots.

Unglued is a massive track with all the elements you need for a perfect rock hit. This will be a winner with old school fans. Dying to Believe is the album’s introspective track—Classic Papa Roach with a heavy focus on looking beyond where the world is right now. The world has been in constant turmoil, but they sit back and take a look deeper.

“Yeah, I’m dying to believe, That we’re more alike than we think, That we’re all the same underneath.

Dying To Believe – Papa Roach

If you’ve started losing interest, (which you won’t), Killing Time brings you straight back into focus. More quintessential PR but evolved in a way that imprints on your musical memory. From the first chord, the song has you hooked. They have thrown everything they have become over the years into this brilliant track—Shaddixs‘ vocal versatility at its best.

It wouldn’t be a Papa Roach album without a heartfelt ballad. Leave a Light On gives Shaddix his moment to shine. This track alone proves that this band haven’t lost their fire in their 20 plus years on the scene. The track is a stand out with acoustic guitar and accompanying strings section. One of the best rock ballads I’ve heard in a long while.

The album continues through with some big stadium rock anthems. Always Wondering and No Apologies both tracks have the essence of earlier albums with maturity and passion that the band, by all accounts, seem to be constantly basking in.

The album closes with Cut The Line, and I Surrender, taking us back to 2015 with vibes from the globally popular album ‘F.E.A.R.’ Both brilliant tracks amongst an album of diverse and brilliant tracks. A stellar way to take out the album.

‘Ego Trip’ is one hell of an album with Papa Roach, nothing short of musical alchemists unlocking their creativity in ways that will set the bar high for years to come.

Ego Trip’ is out now on all streaming services
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