EIMHIN Makes Anthemic Debut With New Single ‘Lately’

Emerging with an anthemic indie-rock debut seeped in stage-ready strength underlain with the earthy thrum of Irish folk, Gold Coast-based artist Eimhin (pronounced Ev-an) is unveiling his new single Lately on May 13.

An Irish ex-pat living on the Gold Coast, Eimhin has always been drawn to the raw vulnerability of songwriting often found in traditional Irish folk, bringing an emotional fearlessness to his music whilst defining his sound through an exploration of the multi-faceted layers of his favourite genres.

Eimhin is now making his eagerly-awaited debut with the powerful single Lately, which radiates with the triumphant strength of surviving dark and difficult times to come out the other side a changed person.

Wasting no time, Lately blows in with field-stomping percussion and bright guitars as Eimhin’s heartfelt folk vocals burst forth with commanding grace. The chorus lands with an intoxicating indie-rock force as winding guitar melodies and twinkling mellotron notes embody the raw optimism of the lyrics. Delicate vocal harmonies float sweetly above the next verse, leading us towards an anthemic folk/ rock apex, exploding with swirling, light-filled instrumentals surrounding Eimhin’s powerful voice.

Describing the experience of coming through the darkness and being transformed for the better, Lately sees Eimhin clinging tightly to a lesson hard-won, as he explains: “Coming home to the Gold Coast at the height of the pandemic after seven years in Melbourne, and following the breakdown of a really important relationship, I found myself in the darkest place I’ve ever been. Lately is about looking inward and realising that love is powerful and that vulnerability is not weakness. I thought guarding myself emotionally protected me, but all I was doing was cutting myself off from the full experience of being alive, of being human.”

So, don’t sleep at the chance to experience the huge debut of indie folk-rocker Eimhin with the new single Lately on May 13.

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