GUTHRIE Releases Single + Video ‘Dickhead Song’

Seamlessly combining elements of folk and electronica, Melbourne’s GUTHRIE (they/them) has today announced their new single Dickhead Song, a reflective letter to a past self, out now.  The track, produced by Australian songwriter Sophie Payten (Gordi), is the first taste of new music from the enigmatic young artist, who is set to release a collection of songs later in the year. 

Mixed by Alex O’Gorman (Angie McMahon) and mastered by Isaac Barter (Alex The Astronaut), Dickhead Song captures a feeling that many people will know well – watching a good friend fall deeper and deeper into a toxic relationship, wondering if it’s your place to say something.  GUTHRIE interrogates this feeling on Dickhead Song amidst a glistening, textural bed of found sounds, endearing acoustic guitar, while their unique, balmy voice takes centre stage. The song was recorded with Payten on a four-hour picnic during coronavirus restrictions, hence the gentle atmosphere of background noise that keeps the song light and warm. 

Speaking on the inspiration behind the song, GUTHRIE explains, “Dickhead Song is a blend of a friendship love song, and me trying to give my past-self a bit of a pep-talk. I think there’s a lot of victim-blaming out there and people don’t realise how hard it is to leave abusive relationships, and so I wanted to write something which explores the complexity of that feeling when you want happiness for a friend so badly, and for them to be treated with respect, but you also want to make sure they feel empowered rather than blamed when you talk to them.

GUTHRIE also consulted with Dr. Tobi Evans on the final version of the lyrics, in order to analyse them under a gender and violence lens. 

Described by triple j as holding ‘poise and drama in equal measure,’ GUTHRIE explores elements of opposing genres in their music – the acoustic warmth of folk, and the clinical chaos of electronica and hyperpop. While Dickhead Song sounds fairly gentle at times, the meaning and depth of the song simmer at the surface, bubbling over with tension occasionally and allowing the listener to enter GUTHRIE’s unconventional sonic world.  

GUTHRIE thanks Creative Victoria for their support on this release.

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