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Words by – Tracey Moyle {Music Maven}

Hammers are fast becoming the national treasures they were put on this planet to be.

So rudely interrupted by a global pandemic, the boys are, at last, getting their shit together and taking off around the east coast on their ‘Try Again Tour’ which kicked off in Launceston last weekend.

Finally touring their 2020 EP ‘Kicking Goals’ these popular local larrikins’ have been rocking the pants of fans since 2017 building up a faithful following around Northern Rivers, SE Qld and beyond. Taking their show to their allegiance of followers they will catapult themselves around the county from Tassie to Gold Coast, off to Sunbury and Melbourne then back to Brissy, ending the party in Sydney at Frankie’s Pizza on Nov 20.

With their balls-out brand of Aussie pub rock, they collectively carry a stack of influences branching all genres that somehow fuse together creating their own unique brew not seen since Kiss teamed up with Michael Bolton.

Proudly embracing their musical stew, the band have characterized their sound as; ‘Stoner Rock, Metal, Blues with an anecdotal lyric style of Country then spat in your face with the attitude of Punk!’ A little bit of something for everyone you might say. Regardless of what you call it, their sound not only works, it hammers. It’s the new generation of Aussie pub rock that once ruled the charts and local taverns.

So, you have to wonder what music these young rebels were blasting through their boombox speakers whilst jumping around their poster-clad bedrooms dreaming of the big time. What gigs were they at, hanging over the barrier throwing their horns and yearning for their time on the stage. What idols do they now channel when they are looking down at their fans in the front row, hanging over the barriers dreaming of one day melodically harmonizing just like Hammers.

To give you some insight into the creation of such musical genius we have delved into the minds of Fish, Lucas, Ricky and Ryan (please don’t ask what else we found in there) and are stoked to bring you –

Summed up by guitarist Lucas Stone

HE IS LEGEND – ‘It Hates You’

It hates you

“Modern songwriting masterpiece that collectively, did more than satiate our alternative rock roots, greased up with that modern southern / metal twist we all gravitated towards through the early 00’s.”



“Modern hood rat rock at its best. The anthemic punk attitude sing alongs made famous by the likes of the Pistols & Ramones but delivered with more rock steez than Fonzie himself.”

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE‘Rage Against The Machine’

“There is no explanation needed for this timeless slab of history. RATM is life and if you don’t agree, you can’t hang.”

PANTERA‘Vulgar Display of Power

“The all time quintessential how-to of brutality, groove and rebel attitude. Fuck off.”

KVELERTAK ‘Kvelertak’

“The greatest rock band in the world that will never chart, in history.”


“If you think this album didn’t play a part in shaping just about every heavy melodic rock band from the mid 90’s to current, do you even music?”

SOUNDGARDEN‘Bad Motorfinger’

“The single greatest experimental rock album of all time, before it’s time – all the time.”

EVERY TIME I DIE ‘The Big Dirty’

“Well, well, well. Just in case you thought you were cool. You are nothing compared to every ounce of every fibre of this release. The embodiment of bad-assery, period. It managed to turn all of us into kids again.”

KYUSS ‘Welcome To Sky Valley

“The peak of OG stoner rock. There will never be a better representation of the middle and best of that era than this record, bearing riffs that clock more sizzle than a summer barbeque.”

IRON MAIDEN‘Piece of Mind’

“Cannot say enough about this band and the place they hold at the core of all modern heavy music and the notion of how-to-do-superstar blemish free. One of the most intelligent, well-managed, and enduring musical phenomena ever. This album was peak ‘rock’ Maiden. Huge OG influence on the songwriting at the depth of Hammers.”

Promising unforgettable evenings of blazing riffs, boisterous beats, pounding basslines and all the hilarious debauchery one can expect from a Hammers live event, ‘The Try Again Tour’ will ultimately bring it on home for ‘Kicking Goals’, while also showcasing the band’s renewed vigour coming out of the pandemic, as Ricky T concludes: “Punters can expect the biggest and best Hammers shows yet. After our trip to the Red Centre for Blacken Festival, we’ve all come back pretty inspired and pumped on band life. We’ve got a couple of surprises in store, so hope all our mates, fans and haters can come out and party with us for these shows”.

Leigh ‘Fish’ Dowling – Vocals
Lucas Stone – Guitar, Vocals
Ricky T – Bass
Ryan ‘Ruckus’ Lucas – Drums

HAMMERS ‘The Try Again Tour’ tickets are on sale now

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