SINGLE REVIEW: It’s Acrylic – ‘It Glooms’

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It’s Acrylic have been making waves in the local music scene for quite some time now. With triple j plays for their single Over and a slew of sold-out Brisbane shows—and a slot supporting Caligulas Horse—the alternative rock group have solidified themselves as the local sad boys to keep your eyes on. Self-describing their sound as “if you forced Nothing But Thieves to cover Phoebe Bridgers’ songs,” the Brisbane based group combine cathartic lyricism and sophisticated instrumentation to create thought-provoking songs detailing loss, optimism and mental health.

Today, they released single It Glooms, depicting the ‘sense of doom and helplessness that comes with mental illness‘.

“I’ve always referred to depressive episodes as feeling bleak, and ‘It Glooms’ itself is a way of describing that. As a verb in literature, it means to look, feel, or act sullen or despondent. I took this and I applied it as an ‘un-shining’ of the world”, says vocalist Tay Michael on the track.

These ideas are woven into the narrative of Hades and Persephone and how your own struggles can lead you to hurt those closest to you. This, combined with how Persephone learnt to love Hades after extensive time as his wife. “A Stockholm captive too lovesick to escape” sings Tay, depicting how comfortable he’s become in his own turmoil, much like how Persephone learnt to accept her bleak fate.

“…Where the Christian Satan is a punisher, the Ancient Greek Hades is more of a steward. Rather than the sympathy being for one in the position of scorned duty, the sympathy is for one who may not be a king, but instead the unwilling inheritor of a solemn and endless task – the dead are forever dead, and their population only grows. This is the kind of burden depression can often feel like.”

The track’s production is minimal, drawing the listener into Tay’s narrative. Supported primarily by simple piano, atmospheric synthesizers and glistening guitars, the track is soft and subtle. “Was Hades heartbroken when he found out all he’d be given was a kingdom of ghosts? Am I the seasons or the husband?” Ponders Michael in each chorus. Synths and guitars swell in, creating a sparse atmosphere for Tay’s vocals to shine through. “This gloom came early, let’s hope it exits the same.”

“You come down here sometimes love, I take you from the garden beds above. You give, you give so much. And I take, I take, I take” he sings in the bridge as the backing instrumentation fades to almost nothing. The track ends on the chorus vocals and isolated piano as Tay ponders if his gloom is the state, he’ll be trapped in forever one last time.

It Glooms is available now on all platforms – LISTEN HERE

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