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“That sciency guy” Nathan Eggins (a.k.a. Conspiracy of One) has finally transformed his debut album ‘Road To Reason’ from fantasy to reality. The lead single, and album’s opening track is the cheekily titled: The song THEY don’t want you to hear, out today.

Recorded and produced predominantly in his home studio over the course of 2022, ‘Road to Reason’ is an enchanting combination of eclectic styles, well-crafted arrangements, catchy melodies and quirky yet purposeful lyrics that encourage those ever-more-important critical thinking skills.

Accompanying his trademark sciency hits are a few “normal” songs about his life and experiences that earn their place alongside the others and together, show the breadth of his ability, creativity and personal development.

Playing the role of ‘THEM’, Nathan and featured guest artist George Hrab take a tongue-in-cheek look at grand conspiracy theories from a rational perspective, poking fun at the insecurity surely felt by Earth’s supposed secret rulers, the shadowy group [whoever it is this week] who control the world but can be easily discovered by anybody with  an internet connection and enough free time on their hands.

With Nathan’s classic mix of playful satire, R’n’B inspired funky vibes and  a hook that’s bound to get stuck in your head, The song THEY don’t want you to hear is both familiar and  a strong leap forward in songwriting and production. 

A fitting introduction to his upcoming debut album ‘Road to Reason’,  full release in National Science Week, Aug 2023. 

Single launch at It’s Still A Secret 48 Montague Road South Brisbane, on 30th November. Get tickets HERE.

The song THEY don’t want you to hear is out now on all digital music services.

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