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Making a massive impact in 2022, Canberra-based indie punk / rock darlings Sputnik Sweetheart are closing out the year with the release of new single Still Water and official music video accompaniment – both out today.

A track exploring the concept of treading water, Sputnik Sweetheart have been doing anything but in 2022, with five interstate tours behind them, accumulating just shy of 30 show dates, as well as two acclaimed singles in Lindy Hop and Heavenly.

Now, to send off 2022 with a Sputnik Sweetheart-sized bang, the gang have returned with the warm, hair-lifting breeze of Still Water, written about the feeling of being trapped in the monotony of the day-to-day. 

“I wrote this song after moving to a new city and struggling to find my feet,” Nette explains. “I had built up expectations of what moving away from home would be like and was feeling deflated with the reality of everyday life. ‘Still Water’ embodies a feeling that most of us experience from time to time – stuck in the monotony of the day-to-day and feeling as though we’re just treading water.”

Recorded at The Grove Studios in NSW with Jack Nigro and Tom McKenzie, and mastered by Robin Schmidt, Still Water arrives as the perfect summertime hit, featuring Nette‘s gently fierce vocals nestled within rippling guitars, gentle harmonies and an energetic hook-filled chorus, radiating with indie-rock warmth.

The single is also accompanied by a music video, directed by the band and Anthony Bowler, exploring the concept of new beginnings to create a visually diverse end-product representing a true collaboration between band and director.

“The theme for the video came from an idea of exploring the positive feelings associated when starting a new chapter in somebody’s life and what makes these events so memorable,” Anthony elaborates. “The visuals are the brainchild of Sputnik and myself, often thinking instinctively on the spot to add specific textures that really hold their own. The end result is a video that expresses a slight feeling of naivety whilst still holding strong foundations through the core.”

There is no doubt that Sputnik Sweetheart have found their feet, embracing a refined sonic territory that has earned them continued praise from industry tastemakers across the country. Paired with their growing status as an unmissable live act, Sputnik Sweetheart are gearing up for another massive year to come.



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