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Blending gorgeous R&B influences with a personal edge that never wavers in its strength, Sydney-based performer OPUTJO releases her debut track, Masterpiece. With the release of this single, OPUTJO introduces herself to listeners and puts her artistry out there with confidence.

Honesty and a strong sense of self sit at the core of OPUTJO’s songwriting: Masterpiece is a stride forward for this dynamic artist, who is putting herself on the map as an artist to watch heading into the New Year.

Sonically, Masterpiece sits in a lane that fans of artists like Jhene Aiko, Jean Deaux and Kehlani would naturally gravitate towards. Strong production courtesy of Chelsea Warner buoys OPUTJO’s smooth vocals. Riding each beat with flair, OPUTJO injects Masterpiece with affirmations for the listener and in some ways, herself. A song built to empower, delivered with an intoxicating attitude, Masterpiece is about knowing your worth, and knowing that you are deserving of fulfilment.

“This song is so monumental to me as a person and as an artist because it was written from such a place of frustration from constantly watching other people do the things that I wanted to do, whilst I kept telling myself that I wasn’t good enough to do it too. It wasn’t until I confronted my own thoughts and decided, “OPUTJO, you are a MF MASTERPIECE,” and that I deserved the things I wanted for myself, I realised that I was the only one standing in my way. I had a complete 180 degree turn in my mindset where I realised that playing small and being shy was doing nothing but keeping me stagnant. That day, I summoned up all my courage and reached out to a bunch of producers until I got into the studio with Chelsea Warner and created MFM.”OPUTJO

Born in Namibia, now based in Sydney, OPUTJO describes herself as a ‘third culture afro-soul artist’ whose roots are across both Africa and Australia. Music has been a core part of her being for much of her life and as she embarks on this next phase, OPUTJO leads with heart and honesty in all elements of her musicianship.

A strong songwriter whose compositions come drenched in soul, OPUTJO makes her impact with Masterpiece – laying down the gauntlet for what is still to come.

MASTERPIECE is out now

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