LOUNGE Score A Solid B+ For New Single ‘A Grader’

Just 18 weeks after the release of their debut single I Liked Her Lounge are set to enhance
their reputation as Brisbane/Meanjin’s busiest bees when they release their 4th single A Grader on November 18th.

A Grader’s three predecessors have crafted a great foundation for Lounge‘s final offering of 2022 and Lounge heads into this next release with multiple tracks on Spotify Rock Playlist ‘Local Noise’ building the bands Monthly Listener stats to near 3000. Lounge has also been earmarked as ‘Catch Of The Day’ on James Tidswell‘s Domestic La La playlist ‘Tuna Tuesday’.

A Grader was again produced by Brock Weston from Brisbane legends Bugs, and once
again sees Lounge proudly displaying their fondness for those early 2000’s guitar punk pop classics (P.S. Welcome back Blink 182, what took you so long?)

“A Grader ponders young people’s insistence on brutally dividing ourselves into two
warring factions”
explains Lounge frontman and songwriter Oskar Campbell. “Cool Kids Versus Losers has turned into our modern day cut price Montagues and Capulets, one tribe hopelessly hooked on validation and Instagram ‘likes’, the other slavishly attached to their ‘outsider’ status”.

Lounge will be supporting A Grader (released through GyroStream) with a slew of live
shows building on their growing reputation as one of South East Queensland’s absolute
best ‘B Grade’ Alt Rock mobs. Who knows what these children could achieve if they’d just knuckle down and apply themselves?


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