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South-East Queensland’s alt-rock geeks, Muules return with a heaving slab of post-grunge angst in their latest single, Against Your Own Kind.

Carving an intense soundscape utilising effects-heavy bass, big drums, and Nathan Vasey’s powerful vocal delivery, Against Your Own Kind takes the approach of a Neurodivergent’s introspective look at self-worth in a relationship, and those they chose to surround themselves with.

The track digs deep into the band’s main influences of Royal Blood, Soundgarden, and early Incubus, bringing together a riff-heavy, melodic journey, with one of the biggest build-ups in a bridge Muules have put together.

Muules bassist/producer Rhys Fox expands on the theme explored in Against Your Own Kind; “the song looks at the difficulties faced in relationships, particularly with those that are more sensitive to their surroundings, which can have them second-guessing every move, all the ups and downs of ‘am I doing the right thing’ in the eyes of their peers and partner. We’re our own worst critic,” he said.

Against Your Own Kind was produced by Rhys (working as thefoxiam), during the time of COVID-19 restrictions, with the majority of the tracks recorded at his home studio, with the exception of the drum tracking. The song saw the band once again work with Ty Bain on mixing, and Paul Blakey at 12th and Vine on mastering duties.

Against Your Own Kind is the sixth single to come from the band’s long overdue debut full-length album.

Against Your Own Kind IS OUT NOW

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