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Photo by Will Johnstone

Kicking off the year with a new name and a re-energised sound, Brisbane / Meanjin-based punk quintet Pilot Crisis are straight out of the gate today with blistering debut single Misguided. 

Pilot Crisis are a punk-charged outfit comprising of some former members from six-piece band Loiter, plus a new addition – the band’s new direction is a scintillating take on emo-punk and rock, with brutal, soaring lyricism that leads the charge.

Fuelled by mistrust, lead vocalist Evie Cowen penned the lyrics to Misguided like a diary entry, pointing the finger at a broken system and acting as a voice for those who are repressed as a result of it. 

“At the time that I wrote Misguided, I was in a position where I could no longer work and had to quit my job. My situation had made me rely heavily on the system and that’s where I noticed an insane imbalance in true support for people who actually need help”, Evie explains. “The world was being misguided by the pain we were all experiencing. We were trying to fight it, but all in vain as we continued to get hit while we were down—that’s at least how I felt.”

Engineered by long time friend, Matt Cochran (Talk Heavy), the song was pieced together by guitarist Mitchell Chen back in 2018, before building into the power-punk anthem it is today.

“I’ve been playing music with Matt Cochran for close to a decade, which made the recording process quick and efficient. We knew what sounds we liked and he just knew how to get the best performance out of all of us,” says guitarist Mitch. “We wanted that wall of sound feeling you get from listening to a Smashing Pumpkins or Nirvana song and think Matt executed perfectly on this track.”

Infused with melodic guitars that channel the likes of PUP, My Chemical Romance and Paramore, Misguided is a blood-pumping, confronting debut that truly shows Pilot Crisis are here to make an impact.


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