S.A.B Delivers PSA With New Release ‘Gonna Get Got’

“The harder you flash, the harder you get flashed on” is S.A.B’s mantra in his upcoming single Gonna Get Got, proving he isn’t just a flash in the pan.

The South African born, Meanjin-based rapper is carving his space within the scene through honesty and authenticity and is ready to take on any person or system which stands in his way. 

As it is a public service announcement to air-headed globetrotters who flaunt their cash and jewellery overseas,” said S.A.B. 

“I can simply forewarn and say, “If you’re not local to an area, but enter a poor community’s space only to unwittingly flaunt wealth, you’re going to stick out like a sore thumb.” 

Gonna Get Got takes elements from jazz and soul to create a roaring hip-hop beat which provides the perfect arena for S.A.B‘s searing lyrics. 

“Seeing rich people getting robbed in a place like South Africa has shown me that it’s easy to be judgemental of crime when you live in a world wealthy enough to be removed from it. If you’re generationally cursed with being Black/Brown and poor, you don’t live, you survive by any means necessary,” he said. 

S.A.B. has proven a prolific creator, coming off the back of album release ‘Black Noise’ in April 2022. The record was a meditation on systemic racism, interracial relationships, and black adolescence.  

The record featured eight tracks with title single Black Noise featuring Sachém, a First Nations’, African American spoken word poet, rapper, and singer who uses his art to interrogate social and cultural issues. 

He recently played to packed room at Mountain Goat Valley Crawl festival and routinely collects praise from triple j, AUD$, MTV Upload and WAEVZ AU, as well as airplay on triple j UnearthedFBi and 4ZZZ. His records have been featured on editorial playlists such as Spotify’s the hybrid, The Drip, and Beats ‘n’ Bars, and he has been backed by outlets such as The BragAustralian Independent Records Association (AIR), and MILKY. 

S.A.B‘s latest single Gonna Get Got is out NOW.


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