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Returning to releasing music with an absolute HIT, Barley Passable release new single I’ve Been Changing. The band have been deep in writing, recording and collaboration land for the last six months and are now ready to share the fruits with the world. I’ve Been Changing is the first of a long line of releases over the next 12 months, and really leans into the band’s early influences from the 2013-2018 underground pop space such as Jungle and Jai Paul.

The song is about change. Change is an uncomfortable yet necessary phenomenon for growth, especially in relationships. It’s easy to fall into patterns of repetitiveness after time, and become comfortable with staying in the same place (mentally, physically and spiritually). In these situations, change can be difficult to accept, uncomfortable to confront and talk about and hardest to enact.

“Both of us have felt this in some form, and have had to look inwards honestly and make tough decisions to best serve who we want to be. It is a sad, frustrating and painful process but in the long term it is worth the tears.”

The video for I’ve Been Changing experiments with projection to explore the differences between the person you are to yourself and who you are to those around you. The footage was captured and projected over 2 days, both at Kai’s own home as well as Hiatus Studios, whose massive ‘Cyclorama’ room allowed the band to project at a much larger scale and enhance the gravity of the concept.

As big fans of collaboration, the band have been working alongside some heroes of the local scene, Mickey Kojack, Kesmar (of LazyWax), Lora and many more. Buckling down and writing relentlessly, zeroing in on the sound, concepts and aesthetics of the music has been incredibly rewarding and the band cannot wait to get the music out there. I’ve Been Changing is the first in a long line of singles the band wrote over this period, and will be releasing throughout the end of 2023 and all through 2024.


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