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Known for delivering emo-infused belters stacked with rousing riffs and self-examining lyrics, Meanjin-based alternative rock/emo/punk outfit Talk Heavy have had a busy year-and-a-bit since their first release in June 2022. They played their debut live shows at Bigsound 2022, toured Australia supporting Press Club, and supported the likes of Sly WithersTigers JawBeddy RaysGyroscopeBodyjar and VOIID, all while releasing an EP and multiple singles throughout the past 12 months.

True to their “non-stop” approach, Talk Heavy are back again with their second single of 2023 – The World Moved On Without Me.

Where the first track of the year The Song That Plays (When Marissa Shoots Trey) was a frantic, energetic and angst-ridden track about overcoming self-doubt; The World Moved On Without Me is a crushing blend of romance and existentialism akin to The Front Bottoms and Modern Baseball.

“While the verses and choruses both touch on different topics, I’d say it’s basically about how easy it is to feel hopeless or insignificant in the grand scheme of life, but something as simple as love and affection can ground you and give purpose – whether it be platonic or romantic, it’s a beautiful thing. Musically, I describe the track as like, if Bloodhound Gang and Green Album-era Weezer wrote an emo punk track inspired by AJJ.” Matt Cochran (Vocalist/Guitarist)


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