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Packing edge and desire in a dreamy and nostalgic package, Abbey Lane’s EP ‘Afterthoughts’ is out now. This short and sweet 6-track EP flows together in an irresistible, smooth dose of indie pop-rock.

‘Afterthoughts’, as the title suggests, takes the time to reflect on relationships and the things left unsaid in a musical journey that balances nostalgic rock guitar edge and a daze of indie vocals. With expert guitar and Abbey’s versatile vocals that are both powerful and dreamy, each song feels faintly familiar and entirely captivating.

The Sydney-based artist has 12 years of experience guiding her, as well as collaborations with writers such as SyccoYung Bleu and Tenille Arts, and her experience shines through in the way the songs are written to flow into each other. Speaking on the EP, Abbey Lane states: “Afterthoughts is an amalgam of perspectives on relationships, with all songs circling the theme of things that didn’t get to be said and also reflecting on a relationship in hindsight.”

Starting off the album, My Mistake (Again) is a dream, with summery guitar and warm, bold drums. Abbey Lane’s vocals through this track are sweet and tender but packed full of vocal power as she explores how it feels easy to go back to an old relationship, even if it’s not good.

The daydream guitar tones flow into Shot In The Dark, which carries on the soft indie charm with a catchy pop beat. With a bouncy backing track and sad, tender vocals, this song navigates what it’s like to give a relationship a shot even when a relationship feels doomed from the start. It’s followed by Constellations, which uses wistful guitar, romantic and tender lyrics, and a bold amp edge to tell the story of saying goodbye to someone you’re still in love with.

Darling is a softer side, with gentle acoustic guitar and subtle heartbeat drums. It’s pure and loving, and explores the fears and joys of falling in love. Then, picking up on this trend of acoustic guitar is Stuck In This Moment which starts off with slow acoustic guitar and electronic drums and tender vocals that develops into a fast-paced and impassioned song reflecting on the good parts of a relationship and yearning for good times.

The final song on the album, State of Mind, is an addictive dose of indie rock with an iconic, nostalgic feel to it. With emotion-packed vocals and intense bursts of guitar and drums, this song takes you through the journey of going from lovers to barely acquaintances.

‘Afterthoughts’ EP Tour

Fri June 14 – 3 Wise Monkeys, Sydney
Sat July 20 – Shark Bar, Manly
Sun July 28 – Rockhampton River Festival, Rockhampton
Sat August 17 – Ramblin Rascal Tavern, Sydney
Sun August 18 – Drifters Wharf (Never Had So Much Fun), Gosford
Fri August 23 – The Lass O’Gowrie, Newcastle

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