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Full Tilt Festival has made the difficult decision to cancel its July edition, scheduled to take place in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne on 16, 17 and 23 July.
The Full Tilt Festival 
organisers were excited to present its 2.0 version with its epic line-up, but due to circumstances beyond our control, we’ve been left with no choice but to cancel.
It’s no secret the live and touring sector has been facing challenges with the global pandemic and subsequently restarting. Sadly, this situation is no different. Between us announcing the line-up and going on sale, we’ve been faced with many hurdles that we’ve been unable to avoid or overcome.
Global supply chain issues have impacted artist’s global touring, including the cost of freight and fuel surcharge quadrupling in most cases and making it extremely challenging for them to be able to afford to tour in many markets around the world including Australia. Unfortunately we could not factor these massive price rises coming in after we announced and went on sale with Full Tilt.
Due to this situation, multiple international artists on the line-up were no longer able to perform with costs exploding and we couldn’t find suitable replacements higher up the bill to replace them. We want to always ensure we give you the best line-up and experience at our events.

We understand you may be disappointed; but believe us when we say we are shattered to have to share this news.

We are in discussions with multiple artists on the line-up to bring them to Australia in the next 9 months.

We appreciate your support during these challenging times.

All Full Tilt ticketholders will be automatically refunded their ticket price and we have struck a deal with our ticketing partner to include the booking fees as well.

With thanks to Dallas Does PR

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