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Bean Magazine are quickly proving to be one of Brisbane’s most exciting up-and-coming acts with three incredible announcements this morning.

The 3 piece band have just been announced to support The Rubens on their upcoming national 8-date ‘SODA’ tour in late September and October. Hitting all the capital cities of Australia (with the addition of Forth, Tasmania), this will be Bean Magazine’s first real interstate touring outing, capped off by performances at the iconic Enmore Theatre and Fortitude Music Hall. Bean Magazine can expect to expand their audience to thousands of new fans over the course of this tour and we are excited to catch them at one of these shows. 

Today also marks an exciting announcement that Bean Magazine has officially signed on with reputable agency Lonely Lands Agency, who will represent them across Australia and Asia. With the announcement of The Rubens today, we can’t wait to see what else LLA has in store for this exciting new act for the next 12 months and beyond as they’re onboarding with some of the best aussie musicians including Ocean Alley, Tones and I and Boy and Bear

As all Brisbane acts know, performing at BIGSOUND is a key gateway to expanding your presence beyond Brisbane. Performing two showcases at this year’s BIGSOUND Festival, Bean Magazine will be able to prove themselves to be one of the most executing fresh faces of the scene to industry professionals and promoters both nationally and internationally.

Good Call Live‘s Steve Shelverton caught up with Bean Magazine‘s Henry Creamer, Sebastion Baren, and Gabrielle Beiers to chat about the exciting news…

You’ve cut your teeth and hands on every stage in Brisbane literally! including the time Henry shredded his hand open on his guitar at Felons Barrel Hall this year!  With all that blood, sweat, and cheers from those gigs, you must be super pumped to go on tour with indie kings the Rubens, right?… Is this the type of dedication you will bring to the Rubens fans?

Henry: Absolutely! Every show is like a new adventure, to have fun, and bring in new fans. I have a lot of fun performing with my best friends up on stage, that’s the most important thing for me…And the energy comes from that, and of course the feedback from the crowd…. It will be so exciting to play interstate, at new venues, and I am keen to travel with my friends and meet new fans.

The Rubens are Aus Music Legends, what are some of your favourite Rubens songs?

Gabrielle: Seb has got me into them…, I love the 2015 hottest 100 winner-‘Hoops’, and we really like the recently released – ‘Black Balloon’, but my favourite has to be ‘My Gun’…I love the raw drum sound that drives this track, and the way the keys and harmonies really build the song beautifully.

With the hypnotic energy of Gabby and Sebs locked in precision rhythm, complimenting Henrys frenetic guitar riffs and iconic vocals, Bean Magazine are the type of band you see once and become a fan straight away… The Ruebens will love to see  you amp up the audience before they come out on stage. I am hoping for your sake you are well stocked in merch, for when you gain so many new fans?

Gabrielle: Always working on new merch, and we’ve got some cool designs we are planning too.

Brisbane is behind you, and wishing you all the best on this tour, what venue are you looking forward to play in the most. 

Seb: The Enmore Theatre in Sydney, for sure, I’m not too familiar with Tassie… I am looking forward to playing in Tassie, that will be so special.

Henry: What about Our home town? at the Fortitude Music Hall! That’s our home… oh my Goodness…Hahaha! 

Will you be letting out any surprise new tracks on the tour?

Henry: Oh, for sure….

Seb: I feel like every gig we like to challenge ourselves and bring out a new track, so we will on this one…. Not sure which ones yet, but we will leave them as a surprise as we’ve got a bit of time.

Thanks Bean! I knew it would come to this and more to come for Bean Mag, Now get in there and start rehearsing!

Gabrielle: We will… with the new songs!

Bean Magazine are in for a treat for the rest of 2024 and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store!

Listen to their latest release Chicken and follow them on socials:


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