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Delivering an entrancing surge of mind-bending dark wave psychedelia with rousing alt-rock romanticism, Brisbane-based psych-rock outfit Dream Dali have unveiled their newest single Rosary.

Fronted by experienced musician Aldous EmersonDream Dali have been warping minds and transfixing audiences since their inception, with last year seeing the band take it up a notch thanks to the release of their debut EP â€˜Life in Legato’.

Now, Dream Dali are here once again with their enamouring single Rosary, digging in deep with relentless, trance-inducing drums, brain-snagging bass notes and the compelling vocal of Aldous as it sweeps through in subdued desperation.

Then, as if lost in a synth-pop reverie, the chorus conjures images of big hair and even bigger personalities as dramatic 80’s-esque rhythms take hold. Coated with layers of dark wave instrumental, the track opens up with gluggling, reverb-painted guitars and rising vocals as retro mayhem descends with electronic notes of arcades past.

Written about projecting ideals on other people and getting hurt in the process, Rosary represents a metaphorical infatuation, as Aldous explains:

“Rosary is a fictional and metaphorical lover or infatuation that continues to hurt you, and yet you can’t help going back to them. Rosary is a representation of the people and relationships you have projected your ideals on.”

Dream Dali are known for their utterly unique live experiences, blending Dada movies with black and white imagery from the 1930’s to deliver surreal, multi-sensory experiences that have shared the stage with the likes of Phoenix, Washed Out, Empire of the Sun as well as an appearance at BIGSOUND in 2019. The band have also seen support from the likes of Music Feeds, Tone DeafTriple J UnearthedLivewire AUAustralian Musician and more.

Before catching them on the stage, immerse yourself in a hypnotic Dream Dali moment with their striking new single Rosary NOW.


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