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Merging aggressive guitars, groove heavy drums and attitude, Under The Stigmata is set to propel Brisbane based Metalcore quartet RORONOAH to the helm of the Brisbane heavy scene.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Slipknot, Slaughter To Prevail and Kublai Khan TX, this track promises to resonate with fans in the heavy scene.

Under The Stigmata began as a strong lyrical protest against religious authority. Produced by Jake at Solway Audio, the track quickly became a groove driven uppercut that leaves you hooked and begging for more.

Kalani (lead vocals) comments, “The idea behind this song came after years of being pressured to join religious groups that I had no interest in”. Ryan (guitar) follows with, “We knew we wanted to start with a bang and with a strong lyrical idea such as this, I made it my goal to make the track as aggressive as possible, without sacrificing groove.”

With their aggressive riffs, crushing breakdowns and high energy performances, RORONOAH are looking to break barriers with their debut single Under The Stigmata.

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