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Photo Credit: Oscar Keys 

+ Returning To Australia For Ability Festival

Today, much-loved visitors to Australia, BROODS, release a new single Fuck My Money.

The dark electro-pop track is produced by talented Finnish producer Hank Solo, who is behind songs from Lil Peep, Ava Max, Felix Jaehn and Cheat Codes. The sibling duo Georgia and Caleb Nott wrote the track together in Los Angeles when they were down to their last few dollars, anticipating they were going to be dropped by their US label.

Georgia says, “We were feeling extra existential and questioning everything. We’ve always made music for the love of it and to connect, never for our bank accounts. So one studio day, feeling a bit down on ourselves and frustrated with the music industry and how exploiting it can be so we just kinda said “fuck it, let’s dance” and got our feels out. I remember a conversation I had with an Uber driver around that time. She told me “money is a good servant but a terrible master” and that stuck with me.”

She continues, â€œThis is our song to remember that. To say “I own you, you don’t own me” to the flimsy five dollar note in my wallet and take some small bit of power back.”

Receiving its worldwide first play on triple j Drive, the single release is accompanied by the official video, directed by Oscar Keys and Ezra Simmons, and features cousin (and band drummer) Jono Notts. Shot on 16mm film, the music video is a series of staged vignettes of surreal infomercials which perfectly fits in the world of previous BROODS clips such as Peach. The Fuck My Money video speaks to the ludicrous nature of wealth and rampant consumerism. Corporate fat cats, pervasive advertising, all laughing in the face of certain existential doom.

The single’s release arrives just over a year to this date when BROODS dropped their fourth album ‘Space Island’. The 10-track LP, mostly self-written and produced at their home studio in Los Angeles, included the blissed-out singles Piece Of My Mind, Heartbreak and Like A Woman. 

New-Zealand duo BROODS will be returning to Australia next month to play The Ability Festival on Saturday March 25th in Melbourne. All details below:


Saturday March 25th

Birrarung Marr – Naarm/Melbourne

Tickets from Here -




Thanks to Island Records Australia

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