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ChAMBER LANe, the four-piece Indie Punk sensation hailing from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, is gearing up for an electrifying tour in support of their latest single, Liana. Known for their infectious tunes, high-octane live performances, and a touch of Britpop influence, ChAMBER LANe has taken the Australian music scene by storm.

Liana, the band’s latest release, captures a poignant and relatable story of letting go and moving forward. Frontman Connor Hanson explains the inspiration behind the song, stating, “It’s time to let go, no matter how badly I wanted it to work, it wasn’t going to happen, and I needed to accept it.” The song’s message is clear: stop overthinking and embrace life’s changes with contentment.

ChAMBER LANe‘s ‘STOP OVERTHINKING IT’ Tour will take them to iconic venues in Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra, Wollongong, and back home to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. This tour promises to reveal a new side of the band, combining their trademark goofiness with a more focused and mature approach to their craft.

As part of their promotional efforts for Liana, ChAMBER LANe will release a captivating music video on in the coming weeks, telling the story of four failed dates and the importance of a supportive network of friends. This video ties into the song’s theme of a failed proposal, creating a visual narrative that complements the track’s emotional depth.

Moreover, the band is in the process of creating a short documentary to provide fans with an inside look at their journey, from songwriting to performing live. ChAMBER LANe is committed to building a genuine connection with their audience and showcasing their true colors as artists and individuals.

Liana is just one piece of a larger musical puzzle for ChAMBER LANe. It is part of a four-song collaboration with Craig Ross from Pease Media, with the goal of releasing all four songs over 12 months and combining them with their previous singles to create a 6-song EP. This ambitious project invites fans to be part of the ChAMBER LANe story and experience their evolution as musicians.

Connor Hanson remarks, “ChAMBER LANe is here for the long run.” With their refreshing approach to music, captivating live performances, and relatable lyrics, it’s clear that this band is indeed an unstoppable force in the Australian music scene.


28/9 – Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle w/ IV, Mangrove & Demi

29/9 – The Alley, Sydney w/ Sundryver & Aphrodisiac
30/9 – The Front, Canberra w/ Sonic Death Ray &Parrots With Piercings
6/10 – Solbar, Sunshine Coast w/ Catching Salmon & Rosemine

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