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After her dreamy hit Time Bomb raced to #26 on the CountryTown Hot 50 airplay charts, Chloe Styler is back with a new single. The singer-songwriter cleverly navigates heartbreak on, Read a Room.

Celebrated for her innovative take on pop country, Chloe employs her regular calling cards on Read a Room; warm synth tones and spacious guitars, swirling around Chloe’s sugary vocals. This time her usual sprightly performance is peppered with a touch of melancholy, as she pinpoints the collapse of a relationship. “If you ain’t gonna say it baby I can break it to myself / I can read a room.”

Sitting in a writing session at Liz Rose Music Publishing House in Nashville TN, Chloe Styler was living the dream, but the catch is… she was also living a nightmare. Lo and behold she was being ghosted by a guy 9000 miles away. Rather than calling the guy out for his ‘bad behaviour’, she took the idea to collaborators Lauren McLamb & Phil Barton and put everything she’d say to him in a song.

“While I was in the process of being ghosted, I found myself saying the same thing to my friends… something along the lines of “this guy is so lucky that I know how to read a room”. Although it hurt at the time I’ve come to realise that he did me a favour in the long run!”

The songbird enlisted Grammy award-winning producer Luke Wooten to bring her words to life. There in Station West Studios in Nashville, they tracked three new songs. “This was my first time recording in Nashville, Tennessee and I feel so fortunate to have had such an incredible experience! Luke Wooten is an incredible producer who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for a few years now. So, it was great to finally be in the studio working on this song with him and the band.”

The vision for the song’s video came to life with help from Chloe’s sister, Amy“A few months ago, my sister and I sat down and created a few Pinterest boards for upcoming releases – one of those boards was for ‘Read a Room’.” The clip captures Chloe adrift in an armchair on a sea of wildflowers – a perfectly simple visual to support the song’s clever lyricism.

“Amy and I scoured Facebook Marketplace for the perfect vintage chair, and I can’t believe the bargain we snapped up! I’m really proud of this clip and I’m even more proud to have created this with my sister.”

The songwriter’s unique brand of music has made serious waves recently. While her previous single Time Bomb soared to #26 on the CountryTown Hot 50 airplay charts it also received additions to Spotify’s US ‘New Music Daily Country’ editorial playlist and Apple Music’s ‘Little More Country’, ‘Country Risers’ and ‘Aussie Country’ editorial playlists.

In one of her biggest years on the stage she opened for 7 x Grammy award winner Gladys KnightNik Kershaw and Go WestShannon Noll and Taylor Henderson. She’s set to perform at Country on Keppel Festival in June, after performing at various songwriters showcases in Nashville this month.

Without a doubt, Chloe Styler is a star on the rise in country music. Pumping out hit after hit with her innovative sound and deft lyricism – if you can read a room – you know she’s going places.



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