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“5” is the magic number for beloved Sydney indie rock band Dappled Cities. With five members, releasing five outstanding albums over their stellar career are now returning after a five year hiatus with new music and the announcement of a homecoming show at Sydney’s Oxford Arts Factory on Friday 20th January 2023 – TICKETS HERE.

With members now living in different parts of the globe, it hasn’t stopped the band creating. But it’s when they are able to get together in one room, be it the recording studio or on stage that the true magic happens. With the return to the studio and stage the band commented, “After 25 years of making music, you would think a flame would die out or be pretty mild by now. But it just doesn’t. Being together, in a room, with new songs bouncing off the walls, feels like the most incredible thing in the world – it feels like you get a whole new go at it. Lucky us.”

Released today is the â€˜Be Here’ EP, a treat for fans with a planned larger body of work to be released in 2023. â€œIn preparation for our return to the stage for the first time in what seems like an age, we wanted to give our fans a little gift – some music we made some deep time ago that we’re bringing to the light of day. Enjoy. Xxx Dappled Cities,” the band announced.

The three tracks on the ‘Be Here’ EP show how prolific Dappled Cities are. To have these songs fully formed and waiting for their time to be revealed to the world is a gift worth waiting for. There’s a song called Geronimo which dates back to before ‘Zounds’ (circa 2009), the beautiful title track Be Here and how it rolls on and builds in intensity out of so little, the band restrained throughout. Then there’s Lightning Strikes which guitarist / vocalist Tim Derricourt describes as possibly his most favourite song he’s ever written. Tim explains, “The chorus line just felt so pure and direct and it fell out of me as a fully formed song. Again, we’d tried it a few times but for some reason it didn’t fit alongside any other song. But now, it comes out shining on its own.” 

Having formed in 1997 and releasing their debut album ‘A Smile’ in 2004, Dappled Cities created an indie rock sound that continues to evolve with every album. From their “big, dramatic, and complex rock” (Pitchfork) sounds of ‘Granddance’ in 2006 to the “indie pop at its best” (The Australian) collection ‘Lake Air’ in 2012, the band have always pushed their creativity with every release.

Dappled Cities will be playing material from their ‘Be Here’ EP alongside crowd favourites and deep cuts from all five albums. With new music on the horizon for 2023 and the band back together again, see this iconic indie act doing what they do best.



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