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Eora/Sydney-based alternative-pop artist Darcy Lane has just returned with her hypnotic new single Spines – a delectably dark offering produced by Alex McIntyre (Lola Scott) and Oscar Sharah (Mel Blue, Abby Bella May).

Opening with sub-bass and Darcy’s intimate melodies, Spines is a fluttering piece of modern pop that flourishes with sincerity and morality. Warm synths swell and combine with ethereal reverberated vocals, as the song progresses towards its effervescent hook, brought to life by lavish electronics and fluctuating chords. Permeated with graceful intricacies, Spines blossoms with vibrant prosperity that accentuates Darcy’s songwriting flair.

Darcy talks about the meaning behind Spines: “Spines is about falling for a friend but neither of you have enough backbone to make the first move.”

Since the project’s inception, Darcy Lane has been invited to share the stage with homegrown favourites Pacific Avenue, Dande and The Lion and Iluka, and recently performed a headline show to a capacity crowd at Taren Point Hotel.

Darcy Lane (real name Laura Rooke) pairs vulnerability and candid melodies with ingenuous production. Encircled by music from a very young age by her classically trained vocalist mother and elevating father, her music takes cues from the likes of Lorde, Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo. Growing up, Darcy sang in the Sydney Children’s Choir for a decade, which helped her cultivate a love for composition and imagination. Spines is her first single since her debut release Relentless Forces in 2020.

Spines is out now – STREAM HERE

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