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Following up on March’s snappy alt pop-rock single Sugar Free, which saw praise and support from Triple J, Apple Music, Pilerats, Backseat Mafia, and RTRFM (to name a few), recently being named a finalist in Happy Mag’s ‘Needle In The Hay’ competition, and a top 20 in WAM (West Australian Music) ‘Song of The Year’ awards, Dolce Blue continue to tease their upcoming album ‘Sweet Melancholy (Deluxe)’, with a dreamy indie rock track titled Typical Kind Of Fun.

As heard in previous releases Nothing Bad and Dream Catcher (which has amassed over 20k streams) Dolce Blue aren’t afraid to change up the pace to a more laid back, groove led composition with a vintage flare, their new single Typical Kind Of Fun doing so whilst expanding into some new terrains for the group, the track being co-written by singer/ guitarist Veronica Zurzolo and drummer Brody Honey, whose voice also features throughout.

Veronica explains “Brody came to me with some songs he had started writing, one of them was just a snippet which is the opening few lines of what is now Typical Kind Of Fun. I felt really drawn to the theme of something or someone having a hold on you, and questioning your own judgment”. On the song’s meaning Brody adds “This song is about feeling addicted to something (it could be anything) and the highs and lows of your addiction.”

Originally conceived in the early days of writing ‘Sweet Melancholy’, the track didn’t make the original LP’s track listing, but Veronica shares that “it’s always just a song that’s stuck in my head, and I’m glad that we’ve finally recorded it, and Brody’s built up the confidence to share his singing voice!”

Moving in a slightly different sonic direction from the recent LP, but keeping the same sentiment of combining the ‘sweet’ (Dolce) with the ‘melancholic’ (Blue), Sugar Free and Typical Kind Of Fun are the first tastes of the bands upcoming ‘Sweet Melancholy (Deluxe)’ LP, due late June 2024. Featuring 4 brand new songs, and 3 alternative versions of songs, the full release is an impressive 20-track album that the band describe as something “we’re really proud to be releasing”. Continuing “some of these songs we’ve been working on for what feels like a good chunk of our lives, and to finally get them out into the world feels really good, they’re songs that we enjoy playing and listening too, and really timestamp our teenage years to early 20s”.

Recorded with Michael Strong at You’re Weird Mixing (Pat Chow, Odlaw, Veruca Moon, Stacy Ann), Dolce Blue take inspiration from a range of artists they look up to including; Arctic Monkeys, Mac DeMarco, The Black Keys, Lana Del Rey, Kali Uchis, and Joy Division, creating soundtracks that are equally enjoyed by the poolside, or on your daily commute.


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