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Bringing a razor-sharp and bloodthirsty take to the indie-pop/ rock genre, Perth/Boorloo indie-pop artist EDIE has recently released her anti-hero single, Villain. Sinking her claws and her palpable tunes deeper into the skin, EDIE is now pairing the track with a menacing music video that moves through lust and desire to sadistic malevolence.

Draped with a sweet, charming allure and an unnerving undertone, Villain is a modern-day indie pop romance thriller. With its sharp pop rock liveliness, this anthem radiates a contagious energy, blending nostalgic punk tones with a contemporary indie flair.

Co-written with Siobhan Cotchin and Dylan Ollivierre (The Money War), EDIE‘s Villain is a playfully sinister take on wanting to take your heartache and pain out on an ex. EDIE explains: “Villain explores post-heartbreak frustration and the selfish desire for your ex to feel the same pain as you do. This song highlights how sometimes you have to make someone the villain to be able to move on.”

The accompanying music video, directed and produced by Stephanie Senior, portrays a similar theme but through the lens of a Vampire and a Vampire hunter, played by EDIE herself. Luring the antagonist in with a magnetic appeal, EDIE secretly plots her revenge, and once she has him around her finger, she strikes. Covered in blood, she dances joyfully over the dead body.

These grim visuals and disconcerting lyrics are contrasted by the bubbly energy that bursts out in the chorus, making what is eerily sadistic, endearing and playful.

In the wake of her new music video, EDIE will no doubt leave a sense of looming fear in the hearts of suitors.

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