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Emerging Country singer-songwriter Charli Jade has nurtured her passion for music from a young age. But, it wasn’t until enduring her first heartbreak that she felt inspired to express her feelings through music. Influenced by notable country artists such as Chris Stapleton, Carly Pierce, and Miranda Lambert, Charli is inspired by their themes of work, romance, and life’s complexities.

This is an exciting time for Charli Jade as she continues to pursue her passion of singer-songwriter, dropping her latest single, Playing The Fool, TODAY – November 3rd, 2023.

Playing The Fool was written early 2022, after a week of ‘hell’. Charli expresses she had been used and her kindness abused in her love life and job, which she was then fired for reasons beyond her control. To top it off, her car broke down, leaving her with “no car, no job and no love life” – all in one week. Going through some intense emotions, Charli begun to lose herself. As an empath, Charli has always offered her support to others and goes above and beyond to make people happy. Unfortunately this ‘week of hell’ was her breaking point. No more ’nice girl’, no more going out of her way for others, she completely lost who she was and lost her spark for most of 2022, leading to confusion, self-hate and bouts of depression.

“I truly went down a spiral after that week. My physical and mental health plummeted, it’s like a switch was flicked in my brain. Months went by, my anger grew and I hated myself for who I had become. From always being the kind person, that goes out of my way for others and sacrifices my own happiness for people, I lost a huge part of myself. This song is a reflection of those emotions where I had just had enough of my kindness being abused, I was sick of ‘playing the fool’”.
Charli Jade

Playing The Fool harnesses themes of vulnerability, identity loss and emotional turmoil. The song builds with ferocity and reflects some dark times experienced by Charli Jade. Veering into country-pop, Charli explored various genres when working on the song in the studio with Israel Amoy. Some artist inspirations for the production of Playing The Fool include Kaleo, Rag N Bone and Taylor Swift. 

“When I went into the studio, all I knew was a wanted this song to be fierce. It’s truly so therapeutic writing and recording music, and being able to express your anger and heartache into a song. I want others to be able to relate to Playing The Fool – It’s one of those songs you can just scream in the car.” – Charli Jade

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